[Feature Request 🔧] Annual Tax Certificate 💰

Fully agree on this!

This does not seem to be a rocket science feature.

A comment from FT on this would be nice.


As a GIA is free and Freetrade is on the road to sustainability as a responsible business / brokerage I think a flat fee per Annual Tax Certificate would be reasonable. Say £5 or £10 or whatever Freetrade think the numbers stack up with. I know people don’t seem to want to pay anything but sustainability for Freetrade is everything in the end. Certificates could be Free for plus / ISA subscribers.
Whatever happens I hope this is in the pipeline.
Annual Tax Certificates are a must.


With respect, that is a crazy idea and would be the exact opposite of being a responsible business.

Try going down that path and don’t be surprised when HMG/HMRC introduce much more stringent regulations for brokers to follow.

Every other broker manages to provide a free annual tax certificate. All it needs to be is a downloadable PDF.


Just basic reporting info on SIPP would be great. Right now it’s very poor.

Just doing my tax return now and it is a NIGHTMARE with Freetrade, even with the data export you can request in the chat. This urgently needs fixing. Really putting me off using Freetrade - and i’m both an investor and paid user!!


Hi everyone, I’m James, VP of Product at Freetrade. Thanks for sharing your feedback on this thread and would reiterate the earlier points that the team definitely do read through these forum posts - hopefully you have noticed some increased traction on solving some of the most voted / longstanding requests recently and this is certainly something you should expect to continue!

Our reporting does need to improve and thought it was worth sharing some of the plans there.

We recently released the ability to filter the activity screen for specific activities or a date period

The next change we are going to release is the ability to download and extract of your activity list (plus all the information on associated contract notes) to CSV. This should enable people to conveniently calculate their gain/loss from trades and income from all sources. We are going to be sharing more detail on that this week including the proposed data format. While we expect there will be several different views we would be keen to get peoples feedback.

We are using this thread as the main discussion point for that:

While this will be a substantial step forward in being able to track your positions and gains at Freetrade we recognise that that will miss some elements (such as dividends held within accumulating ETFs) and so once the statements are complete and they will be looking into adding additional information for tax reporting as a further milestone.


Yes , would love to see this , special asking an account to calculate my small returns , was not worth besides expensive . So i hope something like eToro. Hope next crowdfunding money would be part to focus on this. :slight_smile:

PS - hopelly before next tax year

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Yes for SIPP it’s absolutely impossible to tell when the 20% relief has been implied for each transaction

There is a misunderstanding here of the pension tax relief. Nothing is applied to each purchase. HMRC gives Freetrade the 20% and is applied as a cash deposit to your account. You put in £80, a few weeks later you see an additional cash entry of £20. A Tax certificate plays no part in this - and in fact in U.K. all brokers that I am aware of don‘t provide SIPP or ISA accounts with one because there is no U.K. tax liability.

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When reporting my total pension on my tax return I need to see the contribution +20% in order to get my additional 20% tax relief. My other SIPP providers provide a very clear view of this but FT doesn’t. Essentially I want to be able to verify that the 20% has been applied.

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HL shows my total contribution for the year as when I added plus the 20% as an overall amount. FT doesn’t from what I can tell but the data isn’t clear to see properly.

That is your quarterly/annual statement. You can also see this directly using the contributions link on HL. HL does not provide SIPP accounts a tax certificate.

I totally understand this. But this is not quite what you originally said.

In summary, I agree Freetrade should mark clearly HMRC‘s 20% contribution in your SIPP activity.

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Vanguard do the same. Not the prettiest site you’ll see but the reporting and analysis tools available on a portfolio is excellent.


Look it’s really hard to explain this exactly in a short forum message.

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Vanguard shows like this:

Personal £4,500
Company £0
Third Party £0
Tax Relief £1,125

Total Contributions £5,625

… This is the kind of thing I would like from Free Trade!


@JamesBell make the export format the same as this calcluator? http://www.cgtcalculator.com then all we have to do is copy our trades into the website and we can easily get the CGT calcualtions.

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Any updates for GIA accounts?

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Hey everyone - just crossposting - as I mentioned above the first step in simplifying this activity at Freetrade is addition of an activity report showing buys, sells and income

You can see the first version of that extract shared on this thread → Download/export Activity feed to CSV

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@freetrade, how easy/difficult is it to buy a solution from a classic/well-settled platform with years of experience on this and apply it for us users?