☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Watchlist ⭐

I’ve found sometimes it’s a little hard to scroll down when looking at a holding. It would be good to have the blue box below as the toggle for add/remove to watchlist and have the red boxes as blank areas that you can use to scroll down the page. At the moment they only toggle the watchlist. (I’m using an iPhone 8)


I’m trying to think of it but there’s a function on the iPhone where you click a button at the top left of the list like in alarms. Theres an edit button and it allows for deletion. There is another function on a list on a iPhone where they can be re-arranged

Same function should be used for deletion and re-arranging


Reminders have a swipe to the left option as below, that would be good to have, or similar…


Yes!!! Was just gonna post this. This is exactly how I think the watchlist should work. In the “edit mode” deletion and moving around should be enabled

Red on the left to delete. Hold the bar on the right of the word to rearrange

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@Viktor Can the team consider moving the position of the watchlist button? It’s a little intrusive, the whole width surface is selectable which prevents you from scrolling. I find that it takes me multiple attempts to scroll down past it and I’ve added stocks to the watchlist that I don’t want.

Maybe just a star in the top header somewhere?


100% agree with this. I’m having the same problem. Surprise no one highlighted this during the testing phase.


Agree with both you two, my issue with it is that I don’t think it matches the rest of the app


Hey. Maybe this has been mentioned before, but it would be cool if the share price when added to watchlist was at 0% change, then it tracks performance from time of adding to the list…


Disagree with this as a default. Perhaps as an option down the line.

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Another +1 on this. It doesn’t seem to have been implemented properly (or at least according to good mobile UX conventions). If you start a scroll gesture from the position of the watchlist button, the watchlist button shouldn’t be activated.

Any chance of supporting multiple watchlists, or tags/labels, any time soon?

I’ve got quite a long list of securities that I’m watching now and it is starting to become less useful because it is so long.

Perhaps some people might also find this a cleaner way to categorise securities than having to write a free-text note for each added item.

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I signed up just to make this point. Incredibly annoying! Would also be good to not see the option if you are already holding.


It needs to change asap… its really bugging me now!

Hey both @peterrmacdonough and @Certi.Curti, and welcome to the forum, Peter. I’ve passed on your feedback.

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Hi Freetrade team,

I’ve noticed a bug with the watch list.
Correct me if this is intended functionality.

When I buy a stock that stock or ETF goes off my watch list.

What this means is when I sell that stock I have to manually go and search for the stock again then re add it to my watch list instead of just popping into my watch list for a quick and easy re buy.


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I quite like how it currently works. Bug or not :blush:


I don’t think it is a bug but intended functionality - I don’t really want purchased stocks in my watchlist.

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Indeed - why would you need an item on the front page of the app twice?

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I also like the current functionality, when I buy a stock from my Watch list, I want this to be automatically removed from it.

If you want a stock you’re selling to be in your watch list, just add it before you sell. I have done this a couple of times.

Another vote for it being fine as it is.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a sell and re-buy, though, so perhaps I’ve never seen the need.

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