First Time Deposit - How long to hit account?

Guys, I opened an account on 29th September and added funds to link my UK bank account. The funds still haven’t hit the account though.

How long should this take? I expected it to take a few days, but it has been over a week and nothing yet.

EDIT: Ok guys, sorry it took so long to come back and update but it’s been a mad week!

Turns out my bank uses Lloyds as an intermediary for transfers, and don’t include all of my details in the transfer. Sucks, but at least I now know.

Props to the guys in Freetrade. They were on the ball at 9am on Monday and had the whole thing resolved by 11am. So many thanks to you all!

Contact FT on the app. It shoudn’t take 1 week.

That’s what I was thinking!


Edit: no weekend support i see.

Try Monday morning

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Maybe check your bank transaction for misspellings etc. It normally takes around 1-3 hours during the day, so this seems to have a different reason behind it.

Checked everything before adding the payee, and all details match the Freetrade account settings.

I’ll chase it up on Monday.

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Did you add the ref number

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Yes. Managed to get that bit right :wink:

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Dont worry Freetrade are very good if you contact them they will fix it


I’m not overly concerned. Just curious at this point.

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I’m sorry that your deposit has not reached your account yet. A deposit normally takes 2-4 hours (8am-8:30pm, Mon-Fri) to reach your account, however occasionally we aren’t able to allocate your deposit automatically.

If you haven’t already, send us a message in-app confirming how much you’ve deposited and we’ll get this resolved for you on Monday.

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Thanks Gemma.

The other possibility is that it got held up by the bank you sent it from for fraud checking, but would’ve expected them to have contacted you by now if that was the case. Hope you manage to find out what has happened and get it resolved on Monday.

I’ve topped up 4 times so far - 2 bank transfers, one standing order and an Apple Pay. The only top up that wasn’t delayed was Apple Pay. The other three top ups didn’t get sorted until after I got in touch with someone (still waiting for one bank transfer to be resolved). I’ve been told that more information is needed from Halifax before the top ups can be processed, but I’ve also been in touch with Halifax who are adamant they have no idea what I’m talking about… they inform me that there is no reason why they would need to give more information. I’ve no faith that bank transfers will ever be ready to invest within the 2-4 hour time frame, and I can only do Apple Pay top ups for so long before I’ve maxed out the lifetime limit… what do I do? Contact a member of your customer service team every single week to ask them to finish processing the previous weeks bank transfer? Halifax also seem adamant that there is absolutely no difference between a bank transfer and a standing order - both leave my account as a 'Faster Payment and look identical to whichever person/company receives the payment, and I’m inclined to agree with them since setting up a bank transfer/standing order is done using the very same fields on the very same section of my online banking app, so how/why are they treated differently by Freetrade?