How long for deposit to go through?

Deposited a couple hours ago still not in my account. Curious what the usual wait is…

I’m waiting too - sent a payment before 9am and still waiting.

I’ve left an in-app message, no reply yet.

Apple Pay deposits seem to take maybe half an hour. I just did one. I know that bank transfers still take a bit longer, think last time I transferred money it took a day. Probably depends when you send the money as well.

Would be great to be quicker I imagine that’s on the todo list, but the alternative option is to keep some free cash in Freetrade for buying.

30 minutes to around 6 hours from experience. Google Pay deposits took less than an hour.

Thanks all. Itd be ggood for them to put on the app.

There done in batches, 8am-7m Monday to Friday. But I assume it’s a partially manual process for now so I’d assume there isn’t a strict ‘it will take x hours’ for deposits.

Hi all, there are no technical delays right now, we’re just extremely busy.

So stay tuned, we’ll process your deposit as soon as we can!

Thanks :pray:


Is there a difference in the process of apple/google pay deposits and bank transfers? As the latter seems to usually take longer.

That’s correct, yes.

Google Pay and Apple Pay arrive typically within 45 mins.

We are working on instant deposits, watch this space :thought_balloon:

My bank uses Faster payments but obviously still not fast enough!

Looking forward to seeing the improvements, as it looks like I won’t be able to invest until Monday.

The payment from your bank is quick but someone at FreeTrade has to process it and move the money into your account