First deposit missing

Just deposited money into my freetrade account for the first time.

My bank account informs me the money has gone (i.e. it is no longer a pending transaction). Yet the app says there are zero funds to use.

There is no information about any transactions that I can see within the app.

Please advise

Thanks in advance,


Me too.

I usually deposit via Google Pay - this time I sent via my bank, whilst it’s been sent I don’t see anything in my FT ISA account.

It’s been over 24 hours now and reached out via Live Chat, zero response.

Same here. I just signed up for the ISA, deposited £1000. Saw from my online banking on the computer that the funds was taken immediately, but about 5 minutes later the screen was still on the “this may take a minute”. Pressed the back button and now the app is showing I’ve not made a top-up, but the money has very much left my bank.

Tried to contact support, it says “usually responds in 2 hours” which sounds terrible, but I clicked anyway. No matter what subject I choose it says you’re “busy”, cancels the chat request and says I need to email with a vague promise that you’ll get back to me in 5-7 days. No option to call or anything else. Seriously? This is no way to operate an app-only service, and feels like I’ve just been suckered into a scam.

Most apps try to make the initial experience as easy as possible. Less than 30 minutes into the experience of this app, I’m already regretting it. I wish I’d started with £5 first just to make sure it wasn’t a scam.

If that’s the case, the messaging shouldn’t say “this may take a minute” and then leave you hanging indefinitely.

And for what it’s worth, about 2 hours later, I got an e-mail saying the top-up failed and to try using a card payment instead, and when I checked the app, the money was there. The communications could definitely use a little work here…

Completely agree, there have been niggles for a while. Apparently they’re working on a new system which is good because I think everyone expects instant transfers these day.

Deposits are usually same day. It says “this may take a minute” to process the instruction to transfer. I agree it’s not really clear.

As this could be your first transfer it’s likely there may be extra checks taking place. You can email

Withdrawals are 3-5 days

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Out of interest, why do withdrawals take longer?

Maybe to make it less enticing to take it out :sweat_smile:

Or if I’m being cynical (which i am)… interest on the monies

Hi guys, thanks for the upswell of support but it came through a few hours later. I think because they have just one pot of money that all incoming funds get placed in, they rely solely on the matching of reference numbers. Some banks require you to put the reference numbers in yourself, others will do it automatically - this usually works fine but only if you begin the top-up process from within the freetrade app, not your banking app. The communications between certain banking apps and the freetrade app I think may be somewhat temperamental at times; which makes sense considering how many services there are out there to interact with. Nevertheless, this does not seem like the best way to do things, other apps have things set up differently. But this last bit is all guesswork.

As for why withdrawal takes so long, it is because they use the BACS method of fund transfer, which nobody uses any more because of its drawn out process.

I’d say wait five working days, then contact support with all the info you have, including reference number from your bank, then they can (and do from what I’ve heard) match up your money with your account on freetrade.

I wouldn’t worry too much as they are regulated by the FCA, arguably the most respected regulating body in the UK for such things.

All the best of luck to you guys.

‘’‘Bank transfers’’ can mean anything…To be more exact, withdrawals to your bank take 3 - 5 days…Top-ups to your Freetrade account shouldn’t take no more than 4 hours…Any longer than that, then definitely contact Freetrade staff.

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I read somewhere that i need to contact support if money is coming from a joint account as it will not automatically be allocated to my account. Has anyone has similar expereince and possible delays due to that ?

You don’t necessarily need to if your name is on the account but it might be a good idea to contact if your deposit is taking a while

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