Flair for first 10,000 users

(Tom La Vallin) #1

Hello all,

Would like to suggest the idea for a flair on forums and/or app for users that are not in the rounds of Crowdcube funding, but are still in the first, say, 10000 users?

Would be named something like “early bird” or “early riser” flair?

I sadly did not find out about Freetrade until later, but eagerly waited and got in as early as I could!

With 90,000 users reportedly on the waiting list (as of Jan 2019) and as Freetrade inevitably gets bigger and better, I think in the future this will be good for new users to see which posters were there from early on!

Here is a rough concept of what the flair could look like!

Please let me know what you think about this. Many thanks!


There’s another round of crowdfunding in Q1 of this year. Just wait, invest then, and you can have your flair icon.