Fractonal Buys Failing?


Anyone else having fractional buys fail today? All my attempts fail after a couple of minutes thinking about it

Yep having the same problem. Also getting a note when trying to buy/sell that say’s “US markets are currently closed”…

Just noticed someone is having issues trying to sell too, looks like a issue across the board - I’ll try again in half an hour or so

meanwhile I’m losing money as I can’t sell ! :roll_eyes:

Yes all my buy and sell orders are not working at the moment now US market showing as closed. Not great as this means I lose 2% just because of the error…

Hi everyone

We are experiencing a technical issue which is impacting US trading activity. Due to this, we’ve had to close access to the US market temporarily.

We will provide an update as soon as this issue has been resolved.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

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Cheers @Freetrade_Team

my instant US trades are now being accepted but failing each time i try to sell…

Thanks for letting us know @Freetrade_Team. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

I managed to sell ok a few mins ago… hopefully it’s fixed for everyone now…

Issue has now been resolved :white_check_mark: