Free share from ISA to GIA

I signed up with a referral link to the application, however I opened ISA account. Later on I read that free share won’t appear on this type, so I opened GIA by adding this type onto “new tab”.

Would I still receive a free share and it will appear on my GIA account, despite opening this “internally”?

The free share will always be put into your GIA. They can’t risk adding something to your ISA that might push you over your tax-free limit (considering that they don’t know what you might have deposited into ISAs with other providers).

I only opened an ISA and it created the GIA for me to deposit my free share.

Thank you! I’m afraid it didn’t work for me like that… I created GIA along my ISA account, on my own.

If the app didn’t creat GIA itself, would it mean that somehow I won’t be receiving my free share from refereal link?

If you’ve waited the 7 working days it says the share might take to arrive (for me it was only 4 or 5 working days), then contact support. Until then just wait for it. There was no confirmation that my account had been created correctly for the free share until it just turned up.

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