Freetrade in the news 🗞️

Fantastic news!

I could add about 0.00003 billion to that figure if they had a LISA product and accepted transfers from AJ Hell!


That’s not bad, so probably ~£100m of inflows in Q2


In the years you have suffered under ‘AJ Hell’, you could have transferred your LISA to HL - there appears to be very limited decent options for S&S LISAs, which suggests it’s a niche product.

Check out Martin Lewis’ best buys for LISAs:


And that’s it! There are other ones (Nutmeg and Moneybox) but the fees are higher and the investments limited.

We have no idea when Freetrade will have their LISA ready so perhaps time to consider transferring to HL and ending your LISA suffering?

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Moneybox received over £1bn of new inflow in q2


This is great news! Still a fair bit behind the big boys but defo in the right direction

I don’t mean to ruin the party but a lot of this will be because the markets have been on a tear so far this year. Would be interesting to get the net inflow data.


I originally thought this:

As they hit £1.8b AUA at the end of Q1. Markets are up ~5-6% since then which would give ~£1.9b, implying ~£100m of inflows.

However FT’s darlings/memestocks (TSLA, GME, AMC, NVDA, GGP etc…) have grown much more so inflows are likely quite a bit lower than that.

For example Tesla (almost certainly the #1 stock here) is up 50% so if FT collectively held £100m of that it would give £50m alone.


I also imagine there might be natural outflows as well due to various reasons (cost of living, natural outflows, moving to other providers, etc.) so inflows might be covering for that as well.

Yes, Nvidia is up 165% alone, there is also the payment of dividends to take into consideration.

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