Freetrade in the news 🗞️

Adam is Freetrade. I can understand the reasons for leaving but it would have been nice to have a more planned switchover. Personally I looked forward to seeing him lead Freetrade through to a successful exit.


I would have preferred an outsider to start really driving the business - I think operationally we have been poor so appointing the COO is a bit worryin. hopefully victor proves me wrong


Beyond Adam and Viktor, Molton Ventures must be quite high up though they have their own set of problems.

No disrespect to Viktor but if a leadership change is needed then im surprised the board looked internally.


This should have happened 2~3 years ago, as sources in the investment industry raised the concerns of a CEO risk thus affecting further raise in capital of Freetrade (although I participated in the last crowdfunding).
All the best for Viktor, but outsider CEO would be preferred to spearhead us into the next phase of growth.


Good luck Adam thanks for helping the newbies of the investing world get their foot in the door. Enjoy that runway made out of hay. Remember to have at least 1 goat, 2 chickens, 4 sheep and last of all that one cashcow forever moooing about his nft(Jokes aside cashcow we feel you).

Good luck Victor may the force be with you :slight_smile:


I’m happy that the new CEO will be Viktor.
he knows where and how freetrade was born, who its first investors were, that we have reached this point also thanks to the crowdfunding rounds and I expect that sooner or later there will be a profit opportunity for us too.
I am convinced that he will be able to continue the work started by Adam in the best possible way and will know which direction to take.

Good luck Viktor and thank you Adam


Perry Blacher, Chairman of the Board, said: “I’m pleased to be able to announce that Viktor Nebehaj will be succeeding Adam Dodds as CEO of Freetrade. Adam led Freetrade through its first stage of growth, reaching profitability in the first quarter of this year. Viktor is ideally placed to lead Freetrade from strength to strength.”

This is a good quote and a vote of confidence from someone who will really know. Perry’s the long standing chairman and seemed extremely competent from the ask me anything he did when he first joined.

My outsiders view is that Adam’s leadership style is more the visionary leader whereas Viktor is a great operator, who’s been CMO, CTO and COO. Adam called him the ‘Chief Everything Officer’ years ago, he obviously knows the company inside out, has a delivery focus and it’s common for the COO to replace the CEO.

I think the next phase is focused on delivery and efficient execution of the plan. They seem to have a strong and experienced CFO in Paul (Revolut and IG) and have delivered on the profitability around the time planned. I’d image the CEO change will put more responsibilities on Paul for delivering the financial objectives. They may also consider hiring a COO at some point in future to fill any gaps.

Adam has loads of markets knoweldge that’s hard to find and internal knowledge that can only be built up over time, so having him remain on the board will help the team, but he’ll definitely be missed.


I think the smart move to mention something about the Roadmap and work on feature which User start suggesting

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