Freetrade share price

Believe it will be 850M - 1B.

Hoping for much more but



Freetrade’s September 2020 year end accounts are now available online. Obviously this was before SIPP launch and user numbers were much much lower back then!


The second page suggests Davide is still a director ?!

He was during that financial year

He was for the period the accounts covered.

When/If Freetrade IPO’s in 2024 and the share price is £30-£50 a share can or do you think they will they do a stock split where they increase the amount of shares to bring the price per share down to a similar level as the Wise IPO £9 to make it more attractive to investors?

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I think this might be necessary before then if they were to continue doing crowdfunding:

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I think they will have maybe one more raise after September and that’s that,at the moment they have a 3 year run rate,so I reckon they will be in profit also. If they took a big wad of say £80-£100 million they could accelerate expansion into Asia and possibly the US. I think the only thing that can slow this juggernaut down is skilled engineers and maybe red tape. I would like to think they are applying for all the licensing they need for Asia/USA RIGHT NOW @adam @Viktor

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Would you not expect burn to increase with expansion and reduce the 3yr runway?

They are picking up £16 million in September also,so with that and the profit everything is rosie

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You certainly are privy to what’s happening or what you predict might happen? Thank you :pray:

Titan raises at a $450m valuation off just 30k users.

This space is heating up… Expect Freetrade to be above £1bn for the Sept raise.


Let’s just go straight to ipo at 1 million users and a Canadian office :blush:


I make that $12bn at that rate?


They have more AUM per customer.


Interesting idea. An hedge fund for low disposable income individuals. If they were to crowdfund I think I could be interested in participating

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Yeah but they’re valuing themselves at 1x AUM, which is pretty expensive, all these new investment managers have practically no discernible moats. Not surprised to see Ashton Kutcher and Jared Leto (really?) among investors.

Large quantities of hype being flogged atm, can only hope FT get a sizeable piece of the action.


So were freetrade in their last round