FT doesn't seem to match up with Google Finance

Is anyone else having an issue with their FT portfolio not matching up with their spreadsheets?

I have a transaction sheet. Where the formula is:

Cost - Stamp Duty - Commission = Value

Then I have the following Sheet, using the google finance numbers for change / price / changepct

The cost col is the value col in the above img.

Value: =G2 * D2
P/L: =I2 + M2
M2: =H2 * -1 - (you can barely see the figures but they’re there)

This all has me at -103 but FT is saying im down by ~ -130 - now i am trying to figure out where there extra 30 is coming from.

any ideas.

If you sum all your Stamp Duty and FT Fee costs, it adds up to the difference (~30) that you’re seeing?
(For example, try to use the cost column from the first sheet as your cost on the 2nd sheet.)

I have used the Cost, this doesn’t work either. Still about £30 out… although the P/L and % is about the same give or take a few points here and there.

Having said that…this shows that my holdings including the cost of the position and not the value. Id expect my holding to be the value of the cost (shares - stamp duty + comms)

Hard to say without looking at all the data, but if the % matches, then the £ value should be very close too. £30 in a £6k portfolio is about 0.5% off.

On the issue of how FT compute your gain/loss… FT team probably can answer this one better than I do, but I’m glad they include all the costs.

When tracking the holding including all the costs, you get a better picture if your position is on profit or loss side. As an example: assume you bought £1000 of shares and paid £5 of Stamp Duty plus £1 of FT fees.
So £1006 came from your money available for investment in your account. Now, let’s assume the value of those shares went to £1001.

If you track without the costs, it might look like you are £1 on profit.
But your position actually have a loss of £5 if you decide to close it right now.

I mean, if you want to track only the variation of the security itself, it’s up to you… but the costs are part of any investing strategy and will help you have a better picture on how you’re doing.

Something is for sure weird. I have gone through my purchases, and add them all in again. Used the cost item like you mentioned before.

Now my P/L is very close within a few basis points as well as the money value. my sheet says I am (99.25) at -1.36%

My FT Folio says…down (120.04) and my holdings amount too £7,313. Where my sheet says they currently stand at 7,330.12.

I don’t get it…I have even looked at previous holdings…and the gain on those was £2.39 so I know those aren’t contributing to the figures.

here is the link to a copy sheet with edit rights:

I have created a copy as my other one has personal data on it.

It’s a very nice spreadsheet that you put together =)

Honestly, I would not stress too much about a 0.3% gap, but it might be a difference from the price returned by Google API and the price showed by FT. I just did a quick check and saw that many of them are a bit different. If you got the time, when the market is closed (so the numbers don’t keep jumping up and down), try to plug the numbers shown in FT into your price column.

Thanks, the other one I have is better…but ill give your suggestion a go :slight_smile:

–0- still £20/30 off! No idea where it is…like you said it’s not a large amount but I wan apples to apples

In my experience the prices shown by Freetrade are very rarely in line with prices from either Google,Yahoo Finance, Webull, Trading212 or Simply Wall street; even after markets have closed… I see more price consistency with the other providers. I don’t have empirical evidence to hand but it seems to me that Freetrade is the one at odds with the others… it also doesn’t help that prices shown in Freetrade are rounded up to 2 decimal places…

Having said that I’ve just checked my Freetrade app against my portfolio tracker and the difference is currently £1.20 on a £13k portfolio so < 0.00009 % difference… which is a vast improvement! I can only think that Freetrade have made some changes / improvements in this area?

What are you using for this? I have a month subscription to Stockopedia, where I have put my transactions in…and thats £3 off. So god knows whats happening in my spreadsheet, because the costs are the same in stockopedia

If my memory isn’t playing tricks on me I think I recall a post where someone states that the price discrepancies between what Freetrade displays and what others display comes from the fact that Freetrade shows opening prices rather than closing prices like others do. Or was it the other way around?

hmmm odd, wonder why they’re not aligned with every one else?

Don’t know. What I said may not be relevant for I may be mistaken

you’re right… that’s oft quoted as the reason why percentage changes differ between Freetrade and other providers…

For the time being I am using google sheets and googlefinance function as per OP. Ultimately I am hoping that Freetrade delivers sufficient portfolio tracking functionality that I don’t need to do anything outside the Freetrade app / Freetrade website.

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