Gain/loss value is wrong?

The gain/loss value of my total portfolio is less than the sum of my individual gain/loss for each stock.

Is this because of an FX rate effect for the US stocks or a general bid-ask spread effect, or something else?


Have you sold anything?

The gain/loss for the portfolio is the difference between what you’ve put in and what it’s worth now. If you no longer hold all the stocks you’ve bought they aren’t going to add up to the same

What about cash?

likely to be FX and stamp duty too as they are not included in the amount

I haven’t sold anything. And it won’t be a cash effect because I’m talking about the value gain in the portfolio not a percentage gain.

Could be FX but I thought the individual stock gain/loss took into account the FX effect already? And stamp duty should surely be accounted for in the individual gain/loss?

as far as I know, the amount is just the price per share * number of shares, I keep a separate google sheet that includes taxes and fees for more accurate accounting.

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