Hover on time chart to see price at specific time

(Tom P) #1

UX change - to have the ability to drag and hold over the time chart to check what the price was at a specific time - this is something that Coinbase do well (screenshot attached). At present, you can see the percentage drop but it would be better to get a deeper granularity

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This idea’s been mentioned a few times in the Portfolio chart design thread but we’ll leave this as a standalone idea - it’ll be useful to see how much interest there is in this specific piece of functionality, I’m guessing there’ll be quite a lot :grin:

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

It is a very must feature indeed. Similarly to another example mentioned before.

Specific time is only useful when you look at it on a daily/weekly chart. If it is monthly or more, it should be replaced with daylight prices instead.

(Tom P) #4

Apologies gents @Vlad @alex.s it seems as if this is a basic change compared to some of the chart redesign ideas but I can see that @Vlad has mentioned it previously with the webull example