How can I get rid of spam within the app?

Any particular reason why this rubbish keeps on popping up every single time I use Freetrade? This is so annoying that I am starting to consider “cashing in” and move my investments to any of the other FT competitors.

How can I make this stop? I have tried all the usual pointless time-waster things like clearing cache, sign out, sign in, uninstall app, reinstall app but still this pop-up keeps on showing up. I have since then poured a circle of salt around my phone and said three Hail Mary’s but even that did not help.



Sorry you’re having issues. You’re not the only one who appears to see this splash screen a lot - hoping the powers that be at Freetrade can give you a resolution.

(Out of interest, have you spoken to support through the chat function in the app? What did they say?)

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There’s no obvious option to opt-out of in-app marketing.
It would be good if there were.

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I see the same thing every time I open the app or switch between accounts. It’s extremely frustrating, hopefully just a bug Freetrade will fix soon?


Ah good, at least i`m not only one having this problem.
Be careful highlighting problems gets you a ban or hidden posts on here.
If any of you are plus users you can contact freetrade chat and ask them to stop spam pop ups like SIPP and other stuff, they told me there is a known
problem with this splash screen tho and engineers are working to fix it in an update.

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To be honest that looks like a bug to me, I hardly ever see screens like that. certainly not every time


Never see it … looks like a bug to me. iOS android version ?

It looks like it’s stuck on the steps part of signing up


Dave, you can count yourself lucky. This thing pops up every time I launch the app. I would open the app, enter my PIN then this thing pops up. I would do a transaction, then in between the transaction submission and the transaction confirmation it pops up again.

Unbelievable how frustrating and annoying it is.


I reported this to them last week, issues been referred to engineers but have not heard anything since


Hi Pdw, it’s the android version (1.0.23823) Since the first time this appeared the app has been updated twice already through google play updates.

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I just noticed an update 1.0.24268 and installed it…does not still take away the shameful splash which is there since last 10 days

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Just updated and same splash screen BUG.
Not good enough Freetrade…Not good at all :-1:

Hi Juan (and others),

Sorry about this, I totally appreciate the frustration. Our Engineering team have been working to resolve the issues and rolled out a fix on Monday. If you’re still seeing this bug could you please update your app to the latest version?

The latest version is 1.0.24442 for Android. Once updated this screen should stop getting in your way!

I hope this fixes the problem for you, if you need any more help please drop our team an email at


Hi @FrancisH I can confirm that this latest android version 1.0.24442 has resolved this problem. Happy to report it does not show up any more!