How to send a direct message (DM)? [RESOLVED ✅]

I had a topic which was closed but the mod said I could dm but I have literally no idea how to dm. There is no option at all.

This was my topic

I had sent an email the other day and tried to contact via live chat. The mod said I could dm but I can’t as there is no option when viewing profiles…

There is NO option under name when you click the name tag.
Used many forums and these type before but the option is not there.

Edited to include pic to show that I am not just not seeing it, it isn’t there…


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  1. tap the picture of the person you want to DM
  2. tap Message
  3. write
  4. send

Hope this helps

I literally don’t get the option to message. I know it should be there, but it isn’t.

It just shows badges under name like member, respected etc etc


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Hi all, I think some forget that new members don’t get the opportunity to dm until they’ve been on the forum for a while. Its to avoid spammers etc but in instances like this I think it gets forgotten.

Heather, your best bet is to email like Sam suggested on the other thread as the team can track your message alot better there.

The duplicate NI number seems to crop up a few times so may be a known bug, I don’t know.

Hope they can help you quick :wink:


I have emailed though.
I mentioned that in my first post. I have emailed, used live chat and not had a reply at all

That is why I posted on the forum

@Freetrade_Team you said I could dm but I can’t as I don’t have the option.
Had emailed you like I mentioned in my first post that is now closed and used live chat but I haven’t had a reply at all.
How many days should it take??

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No excuse and no concellation I know hannah but the team seem to have been caught off the hoof a little with record new sign ups that they have got their customer care team working all hours and overtime to deal with. We try and track new user sign ups as a community and before Christmas it was roughly averaging less than 1k new users a day, which was a record by far, only to see January currently seeing 3k 4k and 5k new user days.

They are backed up to say the least but seems like they’re trying their best to get to everyone. I’m sure they’ll help you ASAP. Sorry the community can’t help with this one.

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The error is saying my NI number is in use which it isn’t from me so that is quite concerning too so I would love to get it resolved.

Some form of message like an auto reply with estimated wait in days should be put up or something as the email hasn’t had a reply and neither has the live chat.

Now it is almost the weekend so guess I won’t get a reply all weekend either.

Not a great impression. An eta at least would give an idea but a live chat that takes days with no estimation of time and same with emails is incredibly off putting.

Just something like “we hope to get back to you within 3 days as we are busy” or something but there is no estimation anywhere at all!

Just to add for what it’s worth with the posts you’ve made you should be able to send DMs here by tomorrow if I remember correctly

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There’s another thread that was put up today to explain the situation. Sounds as if they will restrict access to customer care of the weekend to give them opportunity to catch up. The ni thing has cropped up before so don’t worry, you’re not going to be compromised or anything like that. But they will need to support you to get it sorted.

I know it’s frustrating and not a great start but it’ll be worth the wait :wink:

Silly if a mod says I can dm but I can’t :woman_facepalming:

I hope I get it sorted soon…

The message about delays should be put on live chat and on autoresponder via email. Not everyone comes here.
The main forms of support need to mention the delays and have an ETA even a rough one as there isn’t one anywhere at all.
Saying there are delays is one thing but if you only say it on the forum and not live chat or email and don’t give a very rough idea of how long, people simply don’t know.

Seeing as I can’t dm then I will just wait for the “live” chat or email to reply…


I know, I think they forget (I mod a forum elsewhere and frequently forget the trust level limits), it’s supposed to stop new account a spammers but obviously has the effect of limiting all new accounts for the first 24hours.

He should have DMd you :smile:



Hi Heather :wave:

I’ll drop you a DM now.


Thank you


I don’t think that’s fair mark. You can see that people have reached out in multiple ways in what must be very difficult times.

Absolutely agree that things could be better and agree with Heather that a better in app message would be absolutely welcomed.

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Fair enough maybe I’m being a bit harsh

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Freetrade can always learn from constructive criticism and I think this forum is great for it. And more important so far, freetrade seem to listen.

This is sorted now. Was a bug now fixed
Thank you Meghan


Interesting that my post was flagged. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, not abusive just my experience with that service.

First time I’ve seen a flagged post which I don’t think deserved to be flagged. Maybe because it wasn’t full of positive language.