Game live streaming platform in China with plans of expansion to US

Yes! I would love to throw some money at Huya.

Freetrade guys - please add this :slight_smile:

Yes please! Got my vote. I accidentally made a new topic then was told this is already a request here.

I am intrigued because Ark Invest funds have added to this position in the last week or so, and my SimplyWallSt app tells me it is still roughly 20% below a DCF valuation based on analyst estimates.

Chinese game live streaming firm.

A potential growth, and still some value, opportunity.

Also a recent purchase by ARK invest funds from their Trading Information (you can sign up for these alerts by email completely free on their site if you’re interested!).


There is already a thread for this so best to delete this one or you just dilute the votes:

Ahh, thank you @hrochfor1. Again, I should have searched before asking!

Considering China’s crackdown on big tech you’d hope this is the type of company that could benefit, free of being squeezed out the market - as long as they execute. Let’s hope international tensions are peaking :grimacing::crossed_fingers:

No explanation for the run up in previous days, but a lifeline to get out break even.

Announcements by the CCP/state media branding online games as ‘spiritual opium’ & ‘electronic drugs’ and further limiting gaming time is not a great catalyst for a live streaming firm