I can’t withdraw money from monzo

When I go to withdraw my money to my Monzo account it’s giving me an account number that isn’t mine. I’ve tested this by drawing out a penny which I haven’t received yet so I’m just confused on how it will go into my account if that number is wrong. (My friend who also uses their Monzo has also had the same issue).

I have, I can top up my account as much as I want, I’ve only just noticed from the withdrawal that the account number ends in in 7499, which is the same as the account my friend also gets to withdraw into.

Change the account that you are sending money to
Select the payment tab at the bottom of the screen and enter your correct account details

mine’s been linked with monzo for a long time and i’ve never had any issues myself.

i would suggest taking screenshots and contacting freetrade’s customer service as the forum can’t help change any details.

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How long did you wait? It can take a week basically if the weekend is in the middle.