What happens if I change my linked bank account?

I linked my Monzo Bank account with Freetrade. Now I do not have any concerns with sending money from Monzo to Freetrade.

However withdrawal is a difference story since Monzo is known for freezing accounts when receiving bigger sums.

Now I havent invested any money yet and just topped up a low amount to link the account.

My question if I would invest bigger sums from monzo and then would wanna withdraw it to a legacy bank account later down the line would that still be doable?

Or should I change the bank account now before I invest?

Frankly that’s rubbish.

Monzo will freeze your bank account if it suspects you are committing fraud, not because you’ve received a large sum of money through your account. I’ve regularly had large sums of money through my account and I have never had an account frozen. If you’re that worried about it, let them know in chat before it arrives.

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Well thats good to hear. I guess since Monzo is a very open bank online you hear more about random freezing of accounts. Not sure when their algorythm kicks off.
I only know one person who got it frozen without a reason.

I guess by the time I withdraw my funds out of my stocks monzo is a legacy bank.

I agree, that is nonsense. I push large sums, 5 figures, in and out of Monzo and they don’t bat an eyelid.