Deposited £400 using Monzo

Hello! I’ve switched my Natwest bank account to Monzo and made a £400 deposit but it hasn’t arrived, I’ve got a transaction reference from Monzo so you can track it, just wondering what my options are?

Hi @13en Did you use your unique reference number as the reference for the transaction?

I did yes

Ok. It can take 2-4 hours to show on the account and you will get a notification when the funds are received in the account - see below

Help article

but i used my Monzo account instead of my original Natwest account and this is on the help page…

You should only ever top up your Freetrade account from this account and it’s the only account you can withdraw funds to.

Important, this account must be:

  • A personal account, rather than a company account
  • Held in your name, not a family member’s etc.
  • A UK bank account
  • A full UK bank account rather than a pre-paid card, app or similar.

This does not include pre-paid cards or accounts like Revolut or Monese. We can’t accept money from these accounts and returning it can be a headache for you and us! Please do avoid!

which i didn’t find until after obviously when my money didn’t arrive…

You might want to do a live chat with support just to let them know and see if they can check the payment.

okay thanks i’ll give it a go!


Freetrade only accept deposits from the linked account in the Freetrade account screen. I’m not sure how to change it.

This has happened to me a couple of times, I normally deposit from Monzo, but once or twice accidentally deposited from my First Direct account. They’ll get in touch with you and ask you a) do you want to change your main linked account to Monzo, or b) do you want them to refund the money and you re-do the transaction from the linked account.

If you choose B, you’ll have to wait a few days for the refund to be processed. Seems for you that A will be the best option - just hold tight and wait for them to get in touch.


Hi Ben :wave:

Please buzz us in-app and we’ll get this sorted for you! :relaxed:


thats brilliant thank you!