Improve deposit feedback

According to threads here, it’s hard to get answers on deposits.

Of course, deposits should be applied automatically and instant, but they’re not.

The next best thing may be giving users feedback on what is happening, especially when something causes a delay.

For example, if names don’t match, but the reference does, could you show a notice that at least the money isn’t lost? Or maybe if there are additional fraud checks on certain amounts, can you say this is happening? Even just having something saying “we’re waiting for money to arrive from your bank” etc.

Hold customer’s hands.

If you know deposits are processed at certain times, could you just transparently tell them the next time?

Are deposit issues being processed? Are these issues hard to find? Maybe offering a way to specifically report money related issues instead of a general chat?

Can anyone else think of ways to make this easier on customers?

Plus one from me.


Agreed Zac. Audit trail comments on where things are for new customers will go far to reduce the anxiety for new customers. Even if app do not publish granular comments, it can easily map to 5-10 main steps till customers can start trading. The first message of arrival of money will go long way to calm anxiety.

It is natural to feel anxiety when money leaves one account and do not arrive in another account and there is no update on where that money is esp as It is hard earned money from small investors.

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May I know why FT doesn’t offer instant deposits? I don’t know anything about the process on how to offer such feature so I’m curious what hinders FT from doing so. Is it the cost?

I think before anything else, Instant Deposits should be prioritized. It causes too much negativity.


I agree instant deposits are a feature that is sought after by most users it creates a much better experience for users.

I’m not entirely sure how instant deposits work either. My best guess is that with apps such as Revolut or other businesses that do them is that the company funds your deposit instantly from their own liquid cash reserves and then waits for your actual transfer to hit their account.

If this is how they work then I believe FT would need to build up large cash reserves to carry them out. I could be completely wrong though.

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This is a good idea.

Unfortunately a lot of customers here are being unnerved.

Weve all got money and been investing here for a while. For the new users who can’t see their money each hour feels like a week. There is no telephone and chat service isn’t working for many.

We need to maybe prioritise in the chat help missing deposits. These are no.1 priority issues and while the team must be working their socks off the customers think they’ve been scammed! :see_no_evil:

If I recall correctly, Freetrade’s banking partner didn’t offer an API that would allow them to automate deposits, but they do now. I imagine it’s on the roadmap, but prioritised alongside everything else.

I know instant deposits are frustrating, but they wouldn’t solve the error cases anyway. Other than knowing fairly immediately that something must be wrong.

Let’s try not to get too distracted by instant deposits though!

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Banks as far as I know uses different protocols like BACS, Swift etc, customers are already verified by KYC, while for brokerage it takes sometime but it should not be more than 24 hours to compete these process. I guess FT user numbers increasing quickly is causing some delay.

That makes sense. I remember when I used to do Matched Betting, all the deposits were instant. On their FAQ, it was explained why deposits are instant but refunds are not. The answer is like what you’ve said - That they use their own money that’s why you see the amount instantly and start playing even if really, they haven’t gotten your money yet.


Classic example is one of my friend is experiencing iss issue with her transfer of money from bank account to freetrade account… She has messaged via in app chat services with no response for last 4 days.
I believe that she has transferred £ 20,000 on Friday and money is still not showing in her account.
SHe is now worried and concerned because of lack of response from freetrade.
Please sort this problem!

Yea I was thinking about betting accounts too. I currently have money pending going out of my bank account to PaddyPower yet I already bet the money on their website lol.

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The lack of instant deposits is very frustrating. Not only you have limited Apple Pay for £250 a lifetime, but deposits take extremely long . I don’t understand why does it take so long once you have linked your bank account ?
This isn’t really about making it easy for the customer… I mean the easiest would be to have instant deposits. Why on the earth does a deposit take up to 4 hours to process ? I get it. Apple Pay is expensive for the business, but then processing transfers should be a lot shorter than it is …

T212 charge 0.7% on instant deposits so I suppose FT would have to decide to absorb the costs or pass it on to customers.

They charge 0.7 % only after £2000.

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