Introduce yourself 👋

:wave: Hello, you can call me Holden.

I Recently graduated from the University of Winchester in the UK studying Digital Media and secured my first job at a Digital Marketing Agency shortly after just based outside of London.

A discussion came about at work during the first few months about investing. I’d never really looked into it. I became interested as I started asking more and more questions to a point where I would become totally obsessed and start researching myself. I’m still a beginner at the minute and I do wish I started a couple years earlier when I was 18 but 22 isn’t so bad compared with most.

I first came across FreeTrade when I was watching a video on YouTube where someone was talking about the app Robinhood and that there was this app coming out which was similar in the UK.

I’ve been using the app for three weeks or so now, so far it’s been pretty lit and I’m looking forward to being apart of the growth, I believe this app can go far, the main reason because it’s based on what the community wants. :100:


Hello Holden. Starting at 22 is pretty special, I wish I had at that age. You have so much time ahead of you. You could get rich slowly and at minimal risk, which sounds boring but is, basically, a super power :slight_smile:



Currently living in a protein tub! Always supply protein to grow human’s muscles and now looking to grow my proteinolio with the help of dividends and long-term capital growth!

All jokes aside, I have experience trading on and off but found it to lead to emotional trading for myself at least and ended up losing more than what I had gained and stopped.

Investing through Freetrade seems to be the best option for me right now as it allows for the opportunity to actually be patient and watch your portfolio grow rather than dealing on high leverage trades! Also Freetrade has fantastic supportive community and I found that investing in shares allows me to research companies more thoroughly along with the help of the forum which is always a plus.

Let’s hope we continue to grow our knowledge as well as our portfolios!



:boom: that’s exactly what the app & this community is here for. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these companies too!

Hopefully you’ll find the pace of investing, rather than trading, suits you better as well.


:wave: Hey everyone,

I am Art, I live in London, work in tech and I am learning how to trade stocks. I’ve been waiting for Robinhood to make a move in the UK, but Freetrade did it first, so now I post daily blog about my trading experience with Freetrade on Instagram:

I want to get into options trading eventually - as soon as Freetrade will introduce that feature. :wink:

Happy to connect with the like-minded people!


You’ll be in for a long wait :grin:



Good to know. New plan: waiting for Robinhood to make their UK debut. :world_map:

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If short term trades and leverage are what you are after you can already bet on Options with IG, although not sure if that’s just for Forex and Indices or whether you can buy options on a particular stock

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Afternoon guys, Dave here.

I figured I would find out what all the hype is about and jump on the bandwangon.

I’m a fundamental trader with a loads of accounts dotted around the show (I’m either not very trusting or a bargain hunter!)

I do have the odd passive in my portfolios so it would make sense to move them over to freetrade but first I want to see what I am getting into!


Hi, My name is Junaid

New to stocks and shares, looking forward to.
Android app needs to hurry
Dabbled in Crypto.
In it for the long haul


Hi I’m Rob, from the UK. I’ve never invested before, and I’m hoping Freetrade will help demystify this daunting world.
Other than spending my free time lurking in fin-tech forums I enjoy good food, travelling and listening to sci-fi (currently hooked on the Expanse series).


Hello everyone. I’m 19 and originally from South Korea. I have been studying (mostly penny stocks), learning off of DVDs, webinars and YouTube videos since I was 16 so you could say I’m pretty determined to make a living off of trading. My first ever trade was on $GEVO in 2017 which I profited around $400. Since then I have been continuing to study while I work most days at a bar.

Hope to learn and share with all of you.


Hello :slight_smile:
I’m Simon, I found out about free trade via the Monzo forum and have been using it for about a month now.
No idea why I have only just joined here as I try to join most forums that go with the apps.
When it comes to investing I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m at the moment just buying a few shares in some funds.
My aim is to buy a share a month in these and build up a nice amount. (This might be the wrong thing to do so I welcome any advice :slight_smile: )


Hi Simon.
Welcome. Love the profile picture. Looks like my ideal retirement destination :desert_island:


Koh Kood in Thailand. Lovely place, quiet and not a lot of development.
Peaceful place.
That boat is in the little fishing village to the south of the island.
Hoping my investments don’t sink :woozy_face:


Hello Alex Already have small investments elsewhere but am very interested in your project However am uncertain if yet able to buy and if so how to locate option also to complete W-8 BEN form

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Hi! :wave:

Welcome to the community :smile: I’ll send you a message to answer those questions.

Hi everyone :wave:t3:,

I’ve been a fan of trading since the 2008 crash when in uni I used to invest using the now bust Hoodless Brennan for £12 a trade :tired_face:. So Freetrade gets a :white_check_mark:from me.

But, I’m now a Co-founder of Homewards and so super interested to talk about Lifetime ISAs, cashback, and generally saving for a first home.

You can reach me @mil5om (Twitter) anytime.




Awwww! This is such a cute community already :blush:

Hi everyone,
My name is Ena, so nice reading about all your different journeys and how we have all ended up here with a similar goal in mind. I’m so glad Freetrade is finally here! I totally agree that it sucks that other brokers are charging so much in the UK. I have high hopes for Freetrade & I’m looking forward to using their service.

Quick question tho @Freetrade_Team1 , how come there is a waiting list?


Hey Ena :wave:

I’m really glad to hear that you’re enjoying the community & I hope you like using Freetrade :smile:

Right now we have lots of people trying to get their accounts set up so the waitlist helps us avoid being overwhelmed by new customers.

You’ll soon receive a Freepass though, which you can give to your friends to let them skip the queue, though :tickets: & we’ll remove the waitlist altogether, as soon as we can.