Introduce yourself 👋

I’ve recently discovered freetrade, what a fantastic place, I’ve been looking for a community to discuss shares and the investing world, til death do us part.


Welcome! I’m new as well and learnt a lot from this forum.


Ive just tried to top up my account, but I understand that can take some time before the money is in to invest? anyone know roughly how long?

And I noticed that some trades I want to make nowish arent available things like Easyjet whos Ex div date is in 2 days time. is there a reason for only having a select amount of stocks I can trade?


Hello Naomi, welcome aboard :wave:

Top ups are much faster since moving onto the invest platform, my last arrived in about 40 minutes.

Easyjet isn’t available because you need to sign a Nationality Declaration before trading and simply put Freetrades system cannot deal with it yet - it’s not too far away though.

With regards to new stocks being added - we’re due a lot soon see:

Should there be anymore you’re looking for check out:

Have a search and vote for your faves.


Welcome to the community. It should take about an hour via bank transfer before you see it in your account to use. Did you use your reference number in the bank transfer? If not, you may need to contact in app chat.

hello everyone, Piyush here working at a bank’s innovation centre. Know about Freetrade for some time but never become serious on investing. Hope to learn some from this forum first to get myself comfortable.


Welcome to the forum. Lots of great topics to learn from. Enjoy