Investor Rewards R6

Sorry this was meant to be a generic reply on the thread. Not to your specific comment :grimacing: :beers:

Yeh I think we could all forgive them being a few weeks late, maybe a couple months late but it is a bit beyond a joke now. Maybe we could all get an extra free water bottle or hip flask on top (or early access to the next funding :wink: )?


In all fairness, not at all fussed with the swag.

Not fussed it was delayed due to the pandemic - these are very exceptional times.

Don’t begrudge the team from needing to focus on other things.

This does make me disappointed though, as an avid user of freetrade and a fervant believer in the abilities of all of the team and no doubt the need to make very crucial decisions behind these scenes that must have impacted the r6 swag.

I’m disappointed in the communication here. The forum is for avid users, investors and members that spend alot of time here to help others and share all the great things about the app and the company, but this void has taken the shine from the forum for me and that’s very sad to say.


I hate being so pessimistic in general, but it’s kind of very hard to imagine a billion dollar company that couldn’t even deliver badge icons despite being late by a year.


Badge icons!? Well now I know it’s that important, best contact Adam directly and get that happening!

It is kind of like the saying “Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves” Big companies gain good reputations on the small things they do but if you don’t look after those small things it can effect the larger reputation.

Or the other saying “Don’t make promises you can’t keep” It does seem FT are afraid to say when the news is not good. I think the community would always prefer an open “Sorry we can’t do XXX at moment for XXX reason” on any issue they have.

Shame as they are a great platform but do score own goals. :stuck_out_tongue: :man_facepalming:


I think I agree there. Delays are happening everywhere. Absolutely understand that.

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That’s the funny thing, they have a great loyal base on the forum who would echo the message if they put it out. :+1: Obviously there are unusual circumstances in the world at the moment and people understand delays but when they don’t hear things they then assume the worst.

Similar to 25k limit, which when they did mention it it mostly died down as a topic/issue as members echoed the message, PSTH or this issue etc a simple message would be really good PR for people.

I actually think they are a very good company and that is why it annoys when something happens like this. It just shouldn’t be a topic as should have been communicated before. :man_facepalming:


So are you suggesting indirectly that people who haven’t spoken up won’t be getting their badge icons, unless they actually ask for it? So all this time this particular reward has been available and it’s being given only to people who ask for it? If so, that’s even more concerning now.

I didn’t ask for the other goodies thinking they might still be waiting to harvest / mine the raw materials for them :man_shrugging:

I do agree that the small things add up and I think investors are concerned for many reasons. I just would have thought lack of a certain feature or customer service would have been the deciding factor for someone’s continued investment rather than the inability to sort out the swag

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In no way can you derive that from what I said. Take a breath.


Surely we all invested in Freetrade coz we believe in the business not for the swag.


I did, and would have done so even without the swag.
However, those items were promised to everyone who invested a certain amount and they have not been delivered yet after a year, (albeit with various mitigating factors) and the silence on the subject from Freetrade is concerning, they’re usually quite engaged on this forum.
I think that’s all people are saying?


Wait for it? It’s coming??

Now you see me! Now you don’t? Come on Sam,we are waiting?? The natives are restless :rage::rage::rage:

Hi all, sorry again for the delay with the swag.

Rest assured, we do read every message here and often wait until we have an update to share before responding.

We have shared some updates on this previously, outlining the main reasons for the delay:

And reissued the address form to ensure your shipping addresses were up to date:

As well as discussing the swag on the last community AMA call in May:

However, I appreciate the continued delay is very frustrating, for us too! Our supplier tells us this week that the final embroidery checks are being done this week and shipping should start next week.

We’ll also issue the Investor App Icons and community forum badges now ahead of physical swag arriving. We had hoped to do this all the same time, for a big bang, hence the delay also on digital rewards!

Apologies again, and hope you enjoy them when they arrive.

Thanks again for your support.



We are living in “UNPRECEDENTED” times,I for one completely understand. Thank you once again for taking your time out to reply on this thread :wave::wave::+1::+1::grinning::grinning: and if anyone can’t wait for their hoodie then may I suggest a Finisterre Hoodie :wave::wave: They are marvellous :crazy_face::crazy_face:


If it’s any consolation, some work swag arrived 11 months late, so they’re not the only ones with problems.


Thanks all

Our team are definitely keen to get some new swag too :wink:

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