IPOs Dashboard in Koyfin

Koyfin is building a really great (and yet free!) analytical platform and have been adding a lot of valuable features in recent months. Considering how hot the IPO discussions here currently are, I thought it would be valuable to share one of their interesting updates related to the new market entrants.

This tool shows all US IPOs dated in 2019 (presumably the list will expand) with key metrics attached to it - performance, market cap, IPO proceeds, revenues, etc. Then you can select and analyse individual companies located on the “market cap/recent performance” matrix at the top of the page (they are also listed underneath).

It is really interesting to see companies such as Lyft raising astonishing $2bn and being 15% less valuable since the IPO, whereas Beyond Mean raised ten times less and have already tripled in price. Although these factors are, of course, not in any shape or form interconnected, I still find it very interesting to see a snapshot of this kind of information in one place, as well as many additional factors, such as ratios, volatility and others!

Feel free to try it out and share your thoughts. Maybe you’ll find some interesting feature I have not paid attention to and share your views on it :wink:


Nice it looks like there could be a lot of useful info here. It’d be interesting to hear people end up using the most too & why :wink:


Oh, and a quick update I got from Rob Koyfin, the founder: they plan to add UK stocks’ within the next 8-12 weeks, which may make it much more relevant to Freetrade’s users :wink:


Another site I started using,
https://wallmine.com but from the looks of it it will become paid at some point.

@Vlad thanks for that tip, will have a look at Koyfin. Looks like an intriguing platform.

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