Is your portfolio up or down?

Not a good day :man_facepalming:t3:

A micro crash… My shares have jumped off a cliff by the looks of thing’s :sob::sob:

I have one stock in the green today (KOD). Even so, my graph looks like a very good run in Line Rider (remember that?). @freetrade - you should add that to the app as an easter egg :joy:

thank god for my crypto otherwise I’d be in the red!

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BP one of a very small handful of greens today for me, INRG - :scream:


if ya’ll think this is a bloodbath, you aint seen nothing yet lol


Napster did well today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Two points.

  1. There seems to be a lot of traders here and very few investors. I like a punt as well (down 10% on PHE, 17% down on COIN, 34% down on SAE, 25% down on SYME, etc, etc) but you can be damn sure the bulk of my portfolio is in nice boring dividend paying stocks with a bit of growth in them over time. I’ve got an eye on inflation having moved into more consumer staples ULVR, PG and utilities (which price it in on their bills to you, the consumer).

If you want to trade, get into calls - even better, cover them. But Freetrade really isn’t the app for this.

Look long term. Look for boring. Then mess about with your profits.

  1. Red days aren’t bad, they just “are”. All of my purchases today (about £150 so hardly significant) have been on US tech stocks pretty much. Averaging down on PLUG, topping up my AAPL, bit on TSLA, a drop in on COIN, etc.

Keep a bit of cash back or rotate out of your monthly div payers to grab a quick gain as they recover. I hold a few whack in STHS for this reason. Pull out, bang it in something I know has got a rebound in it and make sure it’s back in STHS for the next ex-date. It doesn’t move up or down enough to bother me about a few pence either way.

Patience is key.

(NOTE: You can still be fuming when you’re 300% up on PLUG and the bloody thing drops like a stone though haha).


My Naps actually went green today. Finally. :rofl:

Back in the red now.

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Same here. Mine has been hp and down for a while. Don’t think I’ll recover what I’ve lost somehow.


Although apparently I just gained about £3 between screenshots :joy:

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This is the FTSE All-World over the last 12 months - I find it helps to zoom out every now and again to see how many of these dips have happened.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from March 2020, it’s to keep going.


Don’t despair, in March 2020 things looked bleak but I kept DCA and after many months in red the market rebound. Overall I am still 30% up but I had to withstand the downturn. Be patient, we are in for the long game.

Good luck!


Keep the faith!!!

Yep, down 15% last 3 months, up 200% in a year. If you started in the last 3 months keep going, market was on easy mode last year, good times will return.


i started in april, its been a rough one so far but im starting to see red days as sale days and it almost makes me smile when i wake up to my portfolio in the gutter


It’s pretty brutal out there atm. 7 of my holding’s are currently down varying between 7-30%. Only one is in the green(good gain), which thankfully averages me down to only 1%

Things will definitely pick up, there seems to be no positive upward movement across most sectors, regardless of good news and earnings.

I hold a company which beat estimated earnings in 2020 and still closed red.

For those selling for a loss, unless something dramatically changed within the company you’ve invested in, your reasons for investment shouldn’t change either… AVG down if you have the funds, or hold. You only lose capital when you sell.


Wood has been consistent even during the down days, and is worth looking into.

It’s up 10% since I invested in February, which makes it one of the best performing etfs out there atm!


Sharing this because it’s been an interesting lesson for me and I’m starting to realise the learnings…so it might provide interesting perspective for others new to the game.

I started investing March 1st, rode the novelty of it all and bought into a bunch of high growth tech stocks and some speculative, hyped penny stocks. Worth noting I like a flutter on sports so I definitely have some gamblers spirit in me.

Then I started reading a lot, and I mean a lot. I listened to podcasts, read posts, learned a bit of financial literacy and after a couple of weeks I decided to sell everything off and reset my portfolio so I could gear it more for longer term growth. It felt more boring, but less risky.

So now I’m 60% in ETFs (World and S&P), and 40% split mostly across what I consider high quality companies, across diversified industries like Disney, JP Morgan, Visa, Costco, Amazon, Adobe, Salesforce, 3M, FedEx to name a few.

This week I’m seeing the value in what I considered a “boring” approach.

My growth picks, ETSY and DOCU, have been hammered and are well in the red overall. But almost everything else is still in the green, or at worst less than 1% in the red. And the portfolio overall is still up over 20%.


Lumber prices up ~200% since pre-pandemic levels hence the good performance from WOOD. Easy to say with hindsight being 20:20 and all, but really wish I’d put more into this ETF! :disappointed:

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