ISA user limits to manage annual allowance

Currently this screen shows the limit as fixed to the full ISA limit of £20,000 but the user might have a few different types of ISAs.

Let users set their their ISA limit to £xyz of the full annual ISA limit. For example imagine you have 4 different ISA accounts across 4 different providers and you plan to split it like:

Type Amount
Cash ISA £5,000
Lifetime ISA £4,000
Innovative Finance ISA £1,000
Freetrade Stocks & Shares ISA £10,000

So instead of showing £20,000 limit a user will be able to set it at £10,000 per/year, and then the app will prevent the user from being oversubscribed for the year.

Pulled out of this thread Weekly Wrap 02/11/18 - #2 by saf

And the other dimension for the design to handle is when you have multiple years’ worth of ISAs, either because it is 2020 or because you’ve transferred :eyes: some in.