Issues with Freetrade taking payment for subcriptions

As per the title anyone else getting issues with Freetrade taking payment for PLUS and SIPP subs via HSBC bank mainly?

Edit: word.

I’ve always used HSBC and had no issues recently. Plus subscription came out March 21st this month, can’t remember if that’s specific to me. It just says Freetrade (London) on the statement.

Received an email stating payment failed on 26 and 27. The thing is the payment is not even showing as pending on mobile app… All details and funds are there and correct…

Contact support, you not changed your card or address etc? They’ve tightened up their fraud controls so much recently (hsbc) it could be something stupid like your name or address being very slightly different on FT.

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Haven’t changed a thing nor moved anywhere in a while. Didn’t know about the recent update, will double-check the spellings and addresses just in case and will contact support that’s for sure!
Thank You!

I had the Plus payment fail last week (same bank HSBC) and got the email from Freetrade, in my case it was that my payment method had expired.

SIPP payment went fine yesterday.

So either be expired card details or as mentioned by Adam above HSBC might have blocked it

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