JD Wetherspoon - JDW 🍻

Excited to see the addition of JD Wetherspoon to the Freetrade Universe!

Looking forward to seeing their Q4 earnings - every time I’m in a branch a huge number of people are using their app for ordering, it’s got to be having an impact on average revenue per customer.

I set up a IFTT rule on Monzo to match my spending there and put it into a pot ready to buy shares on Freetrade. :tada:


If Monzo let you write your own transaction blocks (like the gambling one), you could just have it prevent the transaction entirely and move the money to your pot. Not sure how that would play out at the bar though.


What is everyones thoughts on Wetherspoons share?

Reached £16 the other day but dropped yesterday but they have annouced the above today!

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@jackbailley Did you catch our recent blog?

We looked at how much a £500 investment in booze-based companies, including Wetherspoons, would be worth today.

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I’ve been really happy with their performance over the last year.

I set up a Monzo IFTTT rule to save money any time I spend money in Wetherspoons which I then used to buy their shares, they’ve ended up being some of the best performing in my portfolio!

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Nice work.

I’ve only just recently invested but really hope they get some good growth in the coming months!

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fantastic increases this morning.

Tanking these two days after government warns to stay away from pubs without providing any support to the affected businesses.

But the Chancellor must announce some support soon. Might be a bargain?

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Wetherapoons along with Fuller’s etc could be seen as a bargain when we look back in many months when we can become social again.

For now though I can see it dropping further as we no doubt will follow other countries and have a complete ban on going outside

I may be wrong but Wetherspoons follows the McDonalds model where they actually own most of their premises?

I’m sure I’ve heard or read that somewhere.

Yeah, I’m not convinced the chancellor’s business rates relief and loans is enough. I know there’s more coming, but until that is announced, it could fall further.