Kodiak KOD

This company specialises in developing biopharmaceuticals that are used to treat eye disorders.

This isn’t Kodal Minerals, where’s the dedicated thread?

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Finally they are moving up… There should be a good performance on them in next year

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Hey @sampoullain - any chance you can update the link from kodal minerals in app to the correct thread on the forum please?

What’s the news that is driving the share price today?


Looks like some new shares were agreed to be issued to generate some revenue on the 11th. That’s all I see.

Found this:


Starting to wish I stuck more than £100 on this :rofl:

Up 30% this morning, then down 10% at COP :upside_down_face: hopefully it doesn’t drop further tomorrow, I was quite enjoying the 100% increase for a while there


Well that was fun for a few hours…

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:joy: I got outta there 25% up, will buy back in when it levels out again, would’ve been nice to sell at 104% up but hey ho, win some lose some

I always seem to lose money on these pump and dumps on penny stocks. Same happened with PREM last week. I just tried to sell these for a 21% loss and the sell order keeps getting rejected. May as well hold on to them for the next spike at this point as the general trend is up, but I can see it falling back to 0.0010.

Why sell for a loss?

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Why not? Probably be -30% by the end of the day. To be honest I have very little invested as I suspected this could happen. Hence my question the other day.

Fair enough!

I have got myself 5000+ shares in them and hoping for great things from them in the long run

Got an increase of 30% since I got my shares 16days ago :ok_hand:t2:

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30% is a good start. I have high hopes for this company, a lot of good opportunities in the pipeline.

You got a great price then!