Limit Buys for US Stocks at 3pm, Why?

When placing a limit order, buy a message displays saying something to the effect of " limit buy will be placed at 3 pm". Why 3 pm? the US markets open 2.30 pm UK time, is this a typo or do I need to go to Specsavers?

I would contact them through the in-app chat. As a Plus customer you should get a quick response from support

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Hi @shobande,

This doesn’t sound right - could you share a screenshot of where you’re seeing this?

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Hey @shobande,

Hope you’re well. You can place US limit orders anytime during the day, however, they will only be submitted to the street between 9am-4pm EST.

As Simon has already asked, it would be great if you could share a screenshot of where you’ve seen the “Limit buy will be placed at 3pm” message. We show that message for Basic orders which are placed at 3pm. Please see the screenshot attached.

Yes, this is correct, the basic order says 3 pm, not the limit order. Thanks.

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