Live market trades not estimates

Hello everyone this is my first post on this site but it’s an issue I’ve been coming up against a lot and would like other peoples thoughts and see if we get something done.

At the moment when you make a trade it gives you an estimate of what your return from sale will be however it often comes back lower. Sometimes this wipes out all the profits you were trying to make.

The other sites i use for trading and it’s the reason I haven’t made the full move to freetrade yet is that you are given an exact quote for your shares. When dealing with large or small amounts of money but of utmost importance to the owner you want certainty of knowing what price your getting.

Can we or is something being done about this?

As always great work so far, loving FREETRADE.


So you basically want limit orders? Or just live data?

Hi thanks for replying,

A limit order is something you can leave in place to sell on your behalf when the share price reaches a certain target. (This would also be good)

But no, just when we wish to place an immediate trade that we are given an actual price per share not an estimate.

The last trade I placed my estimate and actual were £117 different.

I’d rather pay a £1 again but have a confirmed price.



Commercial usage of “live prices” (whether they from LSE, CBOE or whomever) are generally chunky.
That’s not a reason it shouldn’t be done but it needs to be balanced against the greater needs.
You can actual get “live” prices elsewhere if you need… and for free… just google about…!!!
I too would like live prices… but I understand why it might not turn up quite yet

I think what is being asked for though is not live pricing but an exact buy/sell price like provided by HL.


Ah… you mean a “live price”’ but ONLY at the point of you pressing the “sell” button


Still, I feel it’s kinda the same thing. You’ve either got commercial distribution rights or you don’t , no?

This is something I’ve raised before, feel free to vote on it

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No because you don’t need distribution rights to report the agreed trade price before execution is how I understand it.

EDIT: I don’t think he is after the live price but just the price that will actually be received so it doesn’t matter if you can’t produce live data.

Yes exactly this, all the rest of my ISA is with HL for this reason but I love Freetrade’s platform and it’s getting better and bigger all the time :slight_smile:

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Yup yup you got it

If true that’s awesome news/insight.
Interesting to get FTs opinion on this

Correct me if I’m wrong but for example an OTC trade doesn’t even involve reporting live data of any kind and so you could report this price without needing live data.

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