Locked out

Just got an email saying testing was over. Click here to download public app, don’t forgot to uninstall the test app etc.

I must have misread. Done this and the public app says I’m at the front of the queue.

Haven’t actually invested anything yet…been busy. So not worried, but was looking at some stock…

What’s the deal?

Did you actually come out of the tester? there was a button at the end of the email.

I did. That same link now says…“become a tester”

Saw someone earlier on another thread had this but then it seemed tohave been sorted not long after. Maybe the dreaded uninstall and reinstall again? Sorry to state the obvious.

Thanks. I have tried that once. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Ok. So another mailer from Gemma. But I can’t get it at all. I know get a sign up process where I have to put a pin and dob in etc.

Looks like my account has become disconnected.

Someone from freetrade help?

I’ve got the same problem at the minute freetrade are looking into for me

I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into difficulties there, could you email us at hello@freetrade.io so that we can look into that for you.

All up and working again thanks to the freetrade team for their help


Hi there. I’ve sent an email, thanks.


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