Major platform error with rival broker Degiro! - (lost stocks)

Hi guys, I have a major platform error over at Degiro today. As usual the site’s customer service stinks so I have no idea where I stand. I purchased some shares today on NASDAQ at 15:44:16. The trade appears to have gone through and the funds taken from my account. HOWEVER, the stocks never showed up in my account! I can’t sell a thing, even if I wanted to - I don’t even know if I actually own them, but since the trade shows up on my account statement and has been charged for I assume I do. It’s like my stocks have fallen down the back of the sofa in their system and I can’t access them (or even see them). Total joke. All I am able to see is the funds listed in “Money Market Funds”. Degiro may be cheap but if something goes wrong don’t expect a prompt response - their customer service is one of the worst - I might get a reply in a few days if I am lucky.