Make Order Limits Obvious (or remove them)

I had trouble selling VUSA today. Wanted to offload it due to reckless Middle East actions.

I couldn’t place an instant sell order because orders are limited to £9,900. Which was not made obvious anywhere.

I tested buying, and the biggest value you can input is £9,900 but there is no indication when selling that there is a max order value. The error message just says “error placing order”.

Please make the limit obvious. Or remove it altogether. I don’t know what they serve.

Matter of opinion. It is good for my oil stocks.


Don’t get why you’d sell if only for political reasons. If anything I’d be buying more - Wars big business. Look at Halliburton in the Iraq war for instance without getting into all the WW2 stuff

Dick Cheney was previously on the board of HAL and they basically got contracts to rebuild Iraq a long with the oil. No-bid contracts where they were paying workers huge amount of money and even basic products were really expensive. I saw a documentary with them and they charged workers $36 for a 6 pack of coke. They’re no bid contracts with the US government so they inflate everything

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Yep. A trader’s dream this sort of stuff. And if you are an investor then you hold through market fluctuations.

This is a very concentrated view on a single company though. Wars are generally bad for business.

But I doubt this will have much effect on anything. Most things that happen in the world are noise and can be disregarded from a long-term investing view.

Doesn’t matter if you agree. Another topic where there have been countless studies that prove it, but where you would not listen to experts because you cannot fathom your own opinion to be wrong. It even goes absolutely against the libertarianism that you say you support. But since you apparently cannot be reasoned with or converted to the scientific (light) side, I will drop this now.

Yes, there’s no indication of what is causing the error in the current app.

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The PTM levy applies to trades over £10k. Maybe functionality not supported by Freetrade yet so limited by them to just under £10k? I assume you can sell more than that in seperate transactions.


Yes, it’s to avoid the levy at £10k. Just do multiple transactions.


The S&P index (VUSA) has poor correlation (in line or inverse) with Middle-East tension. A few companies benefit and a few lose. One thing to note is nearly every index in the world is about 10-15% energy and about 10-15% banks.

Do study previous upsets with Iran/North Korea etc. Markets don’t really care very much. Coming out of VUSA (SPX, SPY) because it’s at a PE and technical high is another matter. When did you intend to get back in?

Wrong person @adatherton Im not getting out I think you meant it for @Han

Yeah, sorry, I did