Sell Errors

Been trying to send an instant sell order on TSLA and keep getting an error back saying “Error placing order. There was a problem placing your order. Your order may or may not have been placed”

Chat function lets me know they may answer in a few hours… By which time the price could be anything.

Are you sure it hasn’t been sold. I had the same message but when I stopped the App and restarted, a couple of clicks and I found the cash from the sale

I’ve cleared the cache, stopped the app several times. Still the same.

iPhone or Android? If Android it might be best to delete the app and reinstall it.

Fresh version will usually solve issues like this.

reinstalling didn’t help

How much are you trying to sell? I had an issue trying to sell more than £9900 earlier this year.


Ah that might be it, a lot more that £9,900. Agreed - seems a stupid limit and also why not say that on the error!

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It’s because of the PTM levy.

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Multiple trades below £9,900 worked. Thanks.


Glad you got sorted!

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