Marketing/product emails: when was the last one sent?

Whilst I am receiving customer service messages by email (payment receipts, dividend notifications etc) I have a suspicion I’m not receiving any marketing emails. This is in spite of the fact that I have have all the email toggles enabled within the inbox preferences section in the app. This includes toggles for company news, products, features, Investing insights, Free share offers, Crowdfunding, other special offers, and third-party offers. I can’t remember the last time I received an email relating to any of these categories. I have checked my spam folder.

I’d be grateful if someone who is receiving such emails could check their inbox and let me know when the last one was sent and what it was about. Also what email address do these product/offer/marketing emails come from?

This would help me confirm whether or not I am receiving them.


Here are the details of the last one I received.

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07/07/2024, 12:36


Thanks. Definitely didn’t receive that. I’ll contact support to see if there is something blocking them being sent to me.

I can’t find the “inbox” or "inbox preferences on the App on my iPhone. Please can you tell me how to find them?

Portfolio tab > Profile button (top right) > Help & support section

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Update on this as have now received a response from support: Apparently I had previously unsubscribed from marketing emails via the unsubscribe button on an email. But this is evidently not coupled with the marketing email toggles in the app so even though I had the in-app toggles enabled there was still a block on marketing emails being sent to me. Support says they have now resubscribed me. Seems like a poorly designed system.

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Hey @o99

Thanks for flagging this with us. That’s strange behaviour so I’m going to raise it with the engineering team.

We are so happy to hear you want to receive our marketing emails :grin:



Thanks for looking into it. I probably unsubscribed via link in email several years ago. I assume at the time the app probably didn’t have toggles providing granular controls for what type of marketing emails you want to receive so I used the link in the email rather than in-app settings.

After support addressed my issue I received a marketing email over the weekend (implying I have been successfully resubscribed). I notice that at the bottom of the email there is still a link to “manage what types of emails you get from us”. However this has led to another source of confusion as when I click this link I’m taken to a page asking me to subscribe (giving the impression that I’m still not subscribed)…

Furthermore when I fill in this form with my details I get an error message…


Makes me wonder why you don’t simplify your systems by just direct people to the app to manage what they’re subscribed to.

Thank you for your kind reply – I’ve found it now!

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