McDonald's 🍔🍟🤡 - MCD

I couldn’t find this stock listed in the discussions, so I thought I’d make it after wanting to share an interesting article that I read:

BBC News - How McDonald’s revolutionised business

I’m holding McDonald’s, I think they’re a good, big branded stock to hold long term, similar to Coca Cola. Warren Buffet is a big fan of it and buys Maccy D’s breakfast every day apparently.

I also feel like they are the most advanced of the fast food franchises e.g. compared to Burger King, KFC. The restaurants feel more futuristic in terms of the decor and the technology and I feel that they are hot onto market trends. Is anyone else invested in them?

Also they were recession-proof in 2008. I can only see them growing over time as more countries start developing.

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I’ve got a single share with the plan to grow my holding over the coming months. I think if they can bring out some more vegan options it’ll help massively given the changing consumer trends


All Publicity = Good :wink:

I’m holding McDonald’s because I think they will perform well (comparatively) in the next global crash.

Until then I think they will at worst hold their value.

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I hold McDonalds too. I think they’ll do well long term.


I hardly ever use McDonalds myself so that’s why I’ve steered clear of investing in it.

But as I look to diversify my dividends it’s one I can see myself buying into and holding just for the cash flow.

They are just as much a property business as they are big Mac’s and chicken nuggets, one of these companies that will most likely be around forever with the model they have.

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Looks like I need to invest in a new belt, I see some gains of particular type coming.


Not a fan of their offerings personally but that’s only down to food preference. I think the business is strong and for that reason I have a small holding (which I may increase if I see another dip)

Because arteries are for losers :laughing:

I think there is potential growth here people will always eat McDonald’s and especially if they could get certain standards across all their stores, I’ve been to some real dumps of stores and on contrast some really great very clean and modern ones offering sweet potatoes fries,triple cheese burgers, falafel and a variety of dips and other items I haven’t seen in other stores before that would appeal to a wider consumer base also by using locally sourced products and ingredients which they market in Ireland anyway eliminating that question of what it is you are actually eating.

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Personally I could write 1000 words on this, though I’ll leave it with a question to a question; What leverage does McDonald’s have, now that the world can instantly see ALL the better food that CAN be made available?

What marketing campaign could convince the masses to continue eating jank, especially now that everyone has a voice?

It’s cheap, quick and it tastes good.

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Bad health isn’t cheap & quick & tasty though.

I’m in the camp of everything in moderation. McDonalds falls firmly in that camp.


Sometimes I just want to go to work on an egg (mcmuffin).

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Sometimes I need it

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McDonalds gets a bad press, its cheap fast food. They do listen and try and move with times and improve on what they offer.
I grew up with a high street that had chippies, kebab houses, greasy spoons etc. nothing healthy far from it and a lot of these outlets are still there, but for some reason people feel better about knocking McDonalds ahead of all these cheap fast food places

McDonald’s closing UK and Ireland restaurants due to coronavirus.

I don’t know why they couldn’t practically operate a delivery only and drive thru service with social distancing requirements.

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Did you see the part where they say:

“We will work with local community groups to responsibly distribute food and drink from out restaurants in the coming days.”?