MEGATHREAD: Activity feed CSV export 📩

CSV export of all holdings with

Symbol, name, qty held, average price, total paid.


I got an in-app message that csv export is available now. Unfortunately, the download icon does not show in my app (Android).

Check in the Play Store for the latest update.


Thanks, you were right.

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Good to see this feature has finally shipped, and that the CSV is in a more usable form than the old manually generated ones where it was hard to reconcile which pairs of lines were supposed to belong to each other.

I haven’t verified that the data is accurate yet, as it was too late to use when doing my self-assessment, but it looks plausible on a quick look.

I’ve been building a Google Sheet to track my investments but I’ve noticed the exported data doesn’t account for stock splits.

For example I have bought a total of 0.08 shares in Alphabet/Google. But in July 2022 they did a 20-1 stock split, so I actually now have 1.6 shares.

This stock split is unaccounted for in the exported data, so when I’m building my spreadsheet using current stock prices, it’s implying I have a massive loss (because it thinks I’ve got 0.08 of a low stock price, whereas I actually have 1.6 shares).

P.S. I’ve also noticed that the .csv export does not include ISA Transfers (into FreeTrade) as a row entry.

To me it would make sense for the “Type” column to be “Top Up” or have its own category of “Transfer In”.

It had me scratching my head for a while wondering why my total deposits did not sum to equal how much I had in my account. This should definitely be added to the feature, as well as the stock splitting issue mentioned in my previous reply.

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Any update on android? I’m fully up-to-date with the app, have the export icon, but nothing happens.

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Hi @Rich79 it has been rolled out to Android now. Is it still not working for you?

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