MEGATHREAD: Activity feed CSV export 📩

@freetrade The exported sheet didn’t have the entry of any transferred ISA from a different provide. Possible bug?


Fantastic news well done Freetrade


Hi @Prakash In this first iteration we don’t have ISA/SIPP/GIA transfers available in the download. It’s something we want to introduce in the future as a v2.

Additionally, it would be great to understand further what you were hoping to get from the ISA transfer information in the download? Thanks!

I take it one hast to update the app?

Good stuff will try this out and feed back.

I wanted to know how much I have invested and what is my returns /loss. for example i bought a share worth of £500 and sold it for a loss of £100, and reinvested the remaining £400 in a different share. I think App will not keep track of the loss £100. I wanted to calculate my profit/loss.

ISA transfer will also tell me how much i have totally invested from opening the account.

I don’t understand why this is even a question to be honest. :blush:

The lack of this functionality in the app Activity feed - and now brought over to the CSV export - is one of my biggest annoyances with Freetrade (along with not being able to pay my monthly subscription by either direct debit or credit card).

Why wouldn’t you want to see certain categories of deposit into an ISA? If you think deposit (and withdrawal) transactions are so unnecessary, why not at least be consistent and exclude all of them?

This is great news, will make entries a lot easier moving forward and I am going to use this to check my previous entries to ensure they are correct

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Hi @Prakash thanks for sharing the above, that is helpful and it was my hunch that you wanted to use it to track the performance of your portfolio over time.

Hi @kennethmac2000 thanks for the feedback. I understand your frustrations and it’s something we want to add in the future but we had some technical constraints which meant that ISA/GIA/SIPP transfers wouldn’t be available in the initial release of the activity feed download.

We appreciate the feedback and will help us in the design of v2 of the feature.

This is great to finally see this coming
How much longer is “Android to follow” please?
Thanks in advance


Hi @gkrjack - We are looking to launch Activity Feed download in the Android app in a few weeks.


Thanks @Max_R means in time for tax returns so I shall hold off doing this manually

On the Android App I now have an export button but it doesn’t seem to work yet!

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The export button on Android doesn’t seem to do anything for me either.

Hi @Rcllondon / Everyone, A bug went out in the last build of the Android app which displayed the share button for activity feed download, the latest version of the app has now resolved this.

Good news is that the feature for Android is just around the corner!


I’m not sure if this is a feature yet so someone please tell me if it is :sweat_smile:, I’d like to be able to generate opening/ closing balances for dates of my choice as I track my portfolio on the 26th of each month, so the statement that gets sent at the end of every month doesn’t really work for me.
Etoro have a feature where you can create an account statement between dates of your choice so that you can see the opening and closing balances (not that I use them anymore as I have moved everything over to freetrade now :grin:) and I’d love to be able to do the same in Freetrade, instead of using the interactive graph to scroll back to the date I want, which often gives you multiple figures. Please let me know if what I have written is unclear and I will elaborate. Love everything you guys are doing, think the fees are good and glad you listen to the community and work to make changes to the app! Thanks - Tom

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Don’t forget to vote on your own request!
And excelente request by the way.