MEGATHREAD: Filters on Activity tab

Would it be possible to add filters to the activity page? Headings could be:


Or similar…

Would make it easy easier to track things down.


Slight edit as well @anon810895 Would love to see total dividend and the tax withheld. Degiro do it quite well. And then they dissapear into transactions once the dividends have been accepted This is ex-div view of NYMT. Obviously be euros for Ireland and Europe but pounds conversion for the UK Freetrade users in their conversion below

So if withheld tax could appear as a subset of divs that would be great :ok_hand:

Edit: the dividend tax can also be selected on its own for a time range along with everything else Steve mentioned. We should be going towards this - withdrawal/deposit/dividends/dividend tax/ buy/sell viewable by selecting or deselecting them in a time range set by the user


hey Shane, i don’t know if this is a stupid question but i wanted to know if this dividend tax will still get charged within an ISA?

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It will do yes as that’s an American stock so is subject to a withholding tax.

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so why use ISA if you will still have the same tax?

Because you don’t pay tax on UK capital gains?


Seeing the withholding tax is a good touch. So is seeing it in the US and local currencies. But…


What is all of this? :neutral_face:

The top: Shows my portfolio total. Euro MMF (MoneyMarketFund) is you get small interest if you have some in your account unused as well as dividends that are in other currencies. For a few hours they’re still dollars and then appear as Euro. You get compensated for any fx loss during those hours. I’ve only ever made 1 cent :joy::joy::joy:

The bottom: Total amount can be toggled between that and daily +/-
Available to trade is your free money (or margin if you have the account)

Very top: The top right where the eye is, shows/hides this info. Handy for screenshots. I would be nice if FT had this. The balance for me shows portfolio total and then +/- that day. They have it there because if you use margin it would be your money invested and earned where the portfolio total includes your margin bought stuff

Excuse the shoddy writing Christmas is taking its toll on me already :rofl:


Thanks :blush: I would also like a scramble or hide mode as well, would make demoing and taking screenshots easier.


The lads could help you better Greg. I’m not in the UK and we don’t have an ISA👌

Would love to see this as my activity tab has quickly become a very long list that is hard to find things. Filtering dividend payments would be so useful and at the bottom have a total. Even filtering by companies and being able to easily see all transactions. Currently you can only see most recent 5 buy/sells when you click on company through portfolio page. But if you wanted to find previous transaction it is very long. Would like to see update on this!!


Is there an update on this thread?

I agree this is much needed. I would like to be able to filter mostly to be able to review total dividends by month. But also buys, sells, withdrawals, contributions etc

Thank you

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Am surprised this doesn’t have more votes.

I’d like to see ISA Transfers added as an Activity type and also as a filter option if the filters idea ever gets implemented.

Was just trying to find old purchases of a stock in my activity log and in my frustration I thought “I wish I could filter these”. Found this topic and thought i’d revive it (N.B. there are other topics requesting the same features but this discussion has the most votes)

Seems like it could be an update that wouldn’t be mega complicated? (Not a programmer so no idea). Even a search function within the Activity tab so that you can type the company name in to filter all your activity for that company would be really handy. (I don’t keep spreadsheets of my investment activity to refer to).


A list of app feature requests that would improve the app and user experience:

  1. Activity filter, so I can filter my feed by either purchases, top ups, sells and most importantly dividends.
  2. Total dividends paid. A simple running total of dividends paid to the account to date.
    Thank you
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Hi people,

We are currently working on adding filters to the activity feed and are aiming to have this live in the next two weeks.

I’ve attached some images below showing the designs - we’d love to hear any thoughts/feedback!

(Designs shown are for iOS but Android will look similar)


Looks good happy with it so far

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That’s nice to have. But the activity feed still does not show all activity.

You should include ISA transfers in the activity feed before allowing people to filter it out.


I like this so far. Please can you also include filtering by instrument. eg. so you can filter by all buy orders for a particular stock.

Looks good :+1: Just one more thing… we need a export button to go with it :wink: