MEGATHREAD: Free Share updates and feedback 🎟

Hi ,

Invested in the latest round.

Got quite a few friends willing to try.

Can you send me a dm with a referral link too?


Thanks very much @Viktor, message sent :+1:t2:

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Hi Barclay, Crowdcube will share the list of investors with us soon, so we can enable the feature for them in bulk.

In the meantime, you can get the feature enabled through this form: Get the Free Share feature ❤️

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Thanks for this and the speedy reply

Hi! If you are an Investor and haven’t received your Free Share referral link :tickets:, please check that you have:

  • Completed your W-8BEN (you can complete this on your profile screen, by tapping “US tax exemption”).
  • Funded your account.

Also, if you are an Investor from our latest Crowdcube round (round 5) and not a previous Investor, please use this form as Viktor mentioned, so we can include you!


Does this form mangle plus-aliased email addresses? I filled this out right after my R5 investment, and also filled out a form for previous investors (I’m a R3, R4, R5 investor) over a month ago, but still haven’t got incentivised share referrals.

No this should be fine! Can you DM me your Freetrade account email or reach out on in-app chat and i’ll look into this for you.

Just want to close this loop that FT team has fixed the issue with Android messenger and now I can see the notifications from FT responses on messenger. Thank you FT team for such a quick turn around. :palms_up_together::clap:


How long did you have to wait from referral to the share being revealed. I’ve been waiting ages

We’ve started to test revealing the real shares yesterday. We should continue next week, and roll them out to everyone over the next few weeks. :tickets::eyes: They will be worth the wait!


Hey all, I’d probably change the wording in the queued free share. Take out the “few weeks” as it’s been a lot longer than a few.
I’m personally not bothered how long it takes as it’s a trial. But I’ve had people ask me when it’s revealed.


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I’m still waiting for mine to be revealed, hopefully that’s soon. Exciting :grinning:


I’ve actually been wondering how this is going to work once it’s live. Will free shares be awarded immediately when the top up is applied? Will both the referrer and referee get their free share at the same time? Will there always be a few days or weeks to wait to build suspense and keep them thinking about FT for longer?

The last point may be related to this theory about being reminded of something at particular intervals in order to remember that something. Perhaps giving the free share at the right time could help people remember the name etc. Or I could be over thinking it :slight_smile:


We’re very close to starting the reveals for everyone, but in the future, we’ll revise that copy in line with how the process will look like, as we expect it to be weekly.


My first referrral was 8th July, so it has been a few weeks.

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How do i referrer someone?

Will a new batch of referrals be sent out today

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Or a new batch of reveals?

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Tomorrow! :fire:

We’re on it, now that we’ve concluded a test last week. We hope we can start the reveal rollouts within the next two weeks.


Are the share rollouts going to be randomly picked up to the value of £200 ? or are they picked by you guys ?