I think you missed the whole thread with the now deleted comments.

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Sorry but you really have lost the whole context of the previous conversation. The discussion was ONLY about SIPP and the reactions were only about that 1 topic. As I said the ISA thing is true and good to know but Jim was not talking about that. :+1:

Jim 100% correctly pointed out that the discussion was about SIPP tax and not ISA differences as we were not disputing that in any way at all. It may be handy for people to know but the whole ISA issue was totally irrelevant to the conversation. Jim wasn’t being rude just making it clear it wasn’t in dispute.

The whole point was that @mqInAugrim came up with a really good post and idea thread and both got told they were wrong when they were correct and as mentioned corrected so the thread now looks very distorted but Jim was very fair in his comment.

Sorry just off the phone to Hargreaves Lansdown there. :wink: Have a good weekend!

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:rofl: :+1: Again Kuger didn’t see the deleted messages telling us to phone H&L so didn’t get the context, it was quite funny.

FT might need to provide a “default” ESG fund which de-risks as you approach retirement age. SIPP users will have the right to decline using it.

Looking at the current universe the easiest option for FT would be to use MAGG, MAMG, MACG ETFs

I think this is another waste of time and resource by the FCA