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Sorry to say that!

Anyone from FT going to chime in?

:wave: Freetrade

Anyone from Freetrade on these forums?

@Yeah sorry for the delay. We would like to add this feature, and we understand how important and highly-requested it is by many people, however it’ll be a while longer until we are able to add this.

This is due to a number of other priorities we are working on right now.

Appreciate your patience, thanks for bearing with us.


Ok cheers Sam, that’s good to know. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

Don’t hold you breath



I think I need clarification on this. My stuff is not to be touched even with FCA approval

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It talks about Gaudi’s own assets, not the SIPPs themselves. It just looks like the FCA wants to ensure directors don’t asset strip the company.

For some context - Freetrad SIPP and FCA / Vanguard concerns - #3 by acamp


Anyone seen anything mentioned about the limit on the amount you can put in a SIPP for unearned income? (Current limit £2880+tax relief)

This side of things is our responsibility, not FT’s so we just have to keep an eye on any law changes. If I understand correctly, if as non tax payers we go over the limit, we may get a bill from HMRC after the event to repay any overpayment.

The Government website on tax relief is below - scroll down to “if you do not pay income tax”.

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This might be answered somewhere but every other provider seems to allow you to nominate a beneficiary to receive your SIPP if you pass away. Is this possible with Freetrade or what would happen in that situation? Thanks


Should be able to do it here

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Got it completed, thank you!

looking for some clarity on how tax relief is handled within FTs SIPP. Are these deposits accompanied by a notification? and can this be filtered on the activity tab…need this to be as hassle free as possible for reporting purposes.

thanks in advance.

I don’t get a notification but I tend to mute apps. Tax relief drops in 5-6 weeks after top ups on the 21st-23rd of the month. The payments show in the activity feed but I can’t see an option to filter by ‘tax relief’.

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Good question @Panik and this would make a great feature suggestion. It would be a quick win for FT too.

The SIPP activity feed does show each “HMRC Tax Relief” payment but I do not think that I receive a notification and as @rehpot says, there is no filter for it and that would be really handy.


I flagged up ages ago that I couldn’t sort by ‘tax relief’ so I guess it’s on their to-do list.

I get a notification when the relief lands in my account and it is around 5-6 weeks after top up.