MEGATHREAD: Live Pricing ⚡️




Nice one Freetrade, superb job from all involved :slight_smile:


What a nice little surprise :stuck_out_tongue: :clap: :clap:

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Let’s hope the app can handle it. So far, the live pricing experimenting behind the scenes has brought the app to a virtual stop for those of us with large portfolios.

You beat us to it! :sweat_smile:

This feature is available for all US stocks majority of FTSE 350 stocks. Prices on all other UK stocks and ETFs will continue to show 15 minute-delayed data from the LSE.

Read more details on the blog, and watch our promo video below now. :sparkles:

Remember, live prices are still indicative and the price you execute at will likely vary from this. Likewise, the gain you see on your portfolio or stock holdings is indicative and not necessarily the profit you will realise by selling your stocks or portfolio. Sometimes prices can be delayed so always check the timestamp on the stock’s page for context regarding pricing data.

Let us know how you like the feature!


@sampoullain @adam @Viktor Come on guys enjoy a victory lap!

But seriously congrats to everyone who’s worked hard on this!


It just makes the best stocks and shares app even better.

Onwards and upwards.


Yep great news. Next step the whole of the LSE!!!


Fantastic news :blush:


Great news! How about ETFs? I know less frequently traded so maybe not necessary but would be great to have!

Had to go on the forum as soon as I saw the notification and say

Game Changer!! thank youuuuu!! :slight_smile:


Not yet, Google is still the place to go for ETFs

I like the new update in principle, give power to the people & show them the data as soon as humanly possible :muscle:but I don’t personally feel like I need such a rapid refresh rate, I’m not trading once every few seconds :eyes:

With that said, here’s some feedback about the app changes / bugs I’ve spotted:

It’d be cool to toggle this off, or slow it down a little. The pulse/beacon animation on the graph feels like I’m scanning for inbound enemies :joy:

The default behaviour for prices throughout the app is to pulse red, regardless of their actual performance (+/-) on the day or since you last looked.

Tapping “See all” investments, then scrolling & clicking about will highlight rows near the top of the list despite clicking on entries near the bottom :sweat_smile:

The “Insights” tab is super flickery :zap:(presumably in line with the pricing refreshes)

The pence value on “Portfolio” & “Switch account” bounce left & right slightly when they update. The padding on some numbers differs from others and results in a little wiggle when the numbers change :dancer:

It really is nice to have up to date info (though, 15 min delays aren’t the end of the world to begin with) – it just feels a bit too jumpy and, I’d go as far as to say ‘overkill’ for what is a relatively basic & more customer-friendly trading app :speak_no_evil:


This is amazing - thanks @Freetrade. My only gripe - can you make my portfolio go UP instead of DOWN? :joy:


Blame Mr Ackman not Mr Dodds.


To be fair I’m looking a bit low across the board. If PSTH were to go back up to the mid 20s again I’d be in good shape though!

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Thanks Viktor and Adam, every little helps, as they say. Well done.