MEGATHREAD: Live Pricing ⚡️

If I have the portfolio open, the constant live price updates are causing my Android phone to heat up and drain the battery. Individual stocks are unresponsive half the time when I try to open them because the app is ignoring the tap while the prices update.


@Simon2 - Do you have your phone model & android version you’re running?

@Duncan Is this anything else you’ve seen?

It’s a OnePlus 5 running Android 9 (OxygenOS 9.0.11).

Something else that occurred to me as I was reconciling my share totals is that they’re ordered by current value (which makes it tedious to find specific ones). If prices change frequently they could swap around while trying to select them. In one case I have two stocks that differ in value by £0.02, so I’ll watch out for this on Monday.

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It’s all good, but I would like to propose additional enhancement for live pricing.

It’s too long to see if prices are realtime or delayed, eg find on the bottom of page.
I propose to change line color or at least color of current price for from green to orange, and remove pulsation from nonlive stock prices

Feedback on Live Pricing from a GIA, ISA and SIPP customer of >1 year:

  • Firstly thank you for shipping this feature - it is helpful to have more up to date share prices in app which avoids switching to alternative sources
  • The flashing dot is just annoying - I can’t help but feel this was introduced to go… “look at what we’ve built - here is something new” as opposed to having any utility at all. I know when the markets are open I don’t need a flashing dot for that. If you want a flashing dot at all it would make sense to have it on an individual stock definitely not a portfolio view
  • The light red / green changes of numbers that happen every few seconds make the app a bit like an air traffic control board and just more distracting than helpful. If you’re trying to build long term investing habits, drawing users attention to frequent tiny changes seems very counter productive.
  • Please introduce a way to see daily price changes not monthly. This is far more useful than seeing a price change flash up every 3 seconds. I currently have to go into every single stock to see it’s movement for the day which is frankly ridiculous.
  • Is there live pricing on U.K. stocks? Most of my portfolio is U.K…

All in all it’s a great feature to have shipped - but the UX that sits on top seems to have no real utility and looks a bit gimmicky. Just applying radical candour!

Thanks again for all your hard work.


When looking at the Portfolio view on the iPad the values returned for GIA and ISA seem to refresh incorrectly resulting in:

a) the ISA value being shown for ISA and GIA
b) the GIA value being shown for ISA and GIA

( Version 3.6.3 )

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I’ll direct you to this request which might fit what your looking for (more useful info at a glance)

I don’t have any huge issues with the other changes, I’m surprised some people have found the animations on live prices annoying, but that’s just me. I guess they add a bit of life to the app.

I believe HL essentially has the same effect (red green changes on live pricing) though their live pricing is on UK stocks not US.


I have a Googlesheet with my portfolio published as a web link with a daily change column colour coded. Makes checking easy.


Anyone else finding the app very slow since this has been rolled out? I’ve never had an issue before but it has been very slow, sometimes not never loading, to open the portfolio or insight tabs.

Mine has been intermittently slow. It was OK today, but was almost unusuable a few days ago.

If it’s the Live prices that causing that I’d like an option to turn them off

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Yeah I don’t know the cause but I never had an issue before live pricing and now it is pretty rubbish to be honest. I’d rather not have the live pricing if it affects the performance of the app as I don’t really use it. An ability to turn off would be good in this case but not sure it is that simple.

I was wondering if they were using all the bandwidth, as I have a lot of different stocks. If it’s that turning them off would probably help.

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Nice article


The app seemed pretty hit-miss yesterday but fine today. Balancing price update speed, overhead costs, and app reliability was always going to be challenging early days but the signs look promising.

Great read, and a very welcome update in terms of the complexities around development of new features on a cloud platform👏


Anyone having issues with pricing this morning? Most of my stocks haven’t updated, and some have only updated at random times.


Yeah, same here.


Yep, I’m seeing the same. Hopefully only a minor blip.

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Yes me too. I lost a fair bit of cash by selling without noticing the price quoted was seriously out of date.

Anyone else finding this slower than normal today?