MEGATHREAD: What stocks should we add next week? 📲💥



That makes sense. I wasn’t aware that all the Canadian stocks added were also listed in the US.

Hi @Viktor @Freetrade_Team
Can we have this ETF in the next batch, please? It has already 31 votes on the original request.

It has alternative with same content but priced in £ with ticker WDLS.

It includes small/mid cap companies such as Hello Fresh, Wetherspoon, Avast, CRISPR Therapeutics, etc.


This for, all weather portfolio types -

Invesco Bloomberg Commodity UCITS ETF (CMOD)

Can we please put this in next weeks batch @Viktor @Freetrade_Team


@Pazza @daba We’re reviewing all of them. Keep them coming! :+1:

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Battery technology of increasing importance. Can we have ETF: BATG please?


We’ll check it out. We’re reviewing commodities, small cap, country and region specific, as well as thematic ETFs. Keep the ETFs coming!

We’ll add as many top liked stocks as we can as well, so like away! :+1: :


Iteris, ticker ITI on Nasdaq
One stop Systems ticker OSS on Nasdaq

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Probably got lost in the thread but I would like Ericsson (ERIC), telecom network infra, which could be an alternative if Huawei gets banned.


Nice one Viktor. Really excited about this comment!

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I have been doing some research and very keen to invest in these 3 tickers. Would love to see them on FreeTrade some time soon!

$LCA - Landcadia Holdings II, Inc. merging with company $GNOG - Golden Nugget. Both would be great to see on Freetrade soon since the merger is happening this quarter at some point.

Secondly, $WKHS - Workhorse Group was trading at $3 last month and is trading above $20 per share. Let’s see if we can get this on Freetrade, wouldn’t you agree?

Thirdly, of course I believe you guys are already working on this one but $SHLL - Tortoise Acquisition Corp. looks like a good purchase to me.


Please add Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals PLC

NIO please

Already in the app.

Please get some E-Sports stock in. Now is the time to get in.

Gfinity to start


HCL Technologies Ltd please! India based global IT services company.


There are a few miners/explorers that I would like to request:

  • Hummingbird Resources (LSE: HUM)
  • Auryn Resources (NYSE: AUG)
  • ECR Minerals (LSE: ECR)
  • Landore Resources (LSE: LND)

Most have been requested previously.


Recap on RESOURCE Companies of interest:

SAND - Sandstorm Gold - Nolan Watson CEO formerly part of team that built Wheaton Precious metals. Market Cap $1.8B

TRQ - one of biggest copper discoveries in last 2 decades. Above ground mine generating earnings, underground mine development advanced and low cost. JV with Rio Tinto. Market Cap $1.5B

AUG - Auryn Resources: 3 Tier 1 prospects. Ivan Bebek CEO created and sold 2 x previous juniors for $200m. Newcrest geological team + local Peruvian experts for sombrero and curibaya prospects. Canadian Homestake Ridge. Liquid for junior explorer. Market cap $200m

TRR - Trident Royalty. Brand new IPO with 2 paying royalties signed in first month on AIM. Not just going after gold/silver royalties but base metals including copper and iron which is interesting (like Altius Minerals on TSX!) Market cap £21.5m

LND - Landore Resources, explorer on AIM with PEA of 1million ounce gold discovery which is open in many directions and further survey results indicating gold mineralisation over a further 7km. Canadian focused. Good jurisdiction. Market Cap £15m


Qinetiq, ticker (QQ)
UK Defence contractor.


Please can BigDish and Ixico be added! :grinning: