MEGATHREAD: What stocks should we add next week? 📲💥

Usually mid afternoon I think.

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Looking forward to new stocks

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And we are looking forward to them landing!




It’ll be mid-afternoon sometime, can’t say exactly when as there are one or two things still to run through on them, but we’ll let you know.


This is the only thing I have left in my HL account. if you get this in the app I can close it :laughing:


Will IBB be part of the package? Pretty, pretty please? :crossed_fingers:

Sam, hats of to FT team really expanding the stock universe. It’s awesome and nice that community has some input into the process


Am glad can work from home Thursday afternoons. :+1:

Now refresh app & wait for our new selections :smiley:

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Could you consider adding SOLO? It’s a Canadian EV manufacturer.

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Of course, and thanks for all the requests!

It’s an interesting batch this week again, we think you’ll like them.


Hi @Viktor and team

Thanks for this week’s additions. Could we please get the following next week?

  1. DWF (£DWF);
  2. Gateley Holdings PLC (£GTLY); and
  3. Keystone Law Group PLC (£KEYS).

I’ve been looking at these stocks for ages and it would be great to get them on freetrade.


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Yep, seems a bit like a random list this week (aside from ETFs). Would be nice to have highly sought after Canadian stocks such as [Request] Trans Alta Renewables (RNW.TO)


Can we have Blackline tickr BL please

I have to say though, very please with the speed of these additions - IBB equivalent has now been included (BTEK) and yesterday I asked for Seattle Genetics and this got included as well.

Well done team, keep up the good work!

I presume it’s a major piece of work to get stocks in the Toronto Stock exchange :man_shrugging:


@Viktor @Freetrade_Team thanks for this weeks additions, is it possible to get VanEck ETFs on FT? as quite a few of us have been hoping for their E-sports gaming ETF for a while now.


Could we get a list of the new stocks put on here please

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:joy: I wonder what they have against the Octopus Renewables Trust and its TWENTY likes?!

Having said that, given TRIG doesn’t appear to be doing anything, maybe they’ve saved me from myself!

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