MEGATHREAD: What stocks should we add next week? 📲💥

Capital Gearing Trust
Mid Wynd International Investment Trust
Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust
Standard Life UK Smaller Companies Trust

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Polarean Imaging PLC (POLX) - Drug-Device combination, good results from phase 3 clinical trials, awaiting New Drug Application from FDA.

Potential huge profit margin from device purchases and maintenance.

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Should we still be adding requests here? The thread is so long I fear it may not be seen… :grinning:

If it’s being reviewed still then I request a tech ETF SXLK


I would really like to see some more passive factor ETFs. Ideally some more of the larger, low cost ones following MSCI indexes (Small cap, momentum, Value etc…) - I know there are a couple but some important ones are missing.

I think we are getting close to having enough of a range of geographic index ETFs and fixed income ETFs so factors are the last piece of the puzzle.

For those building a long term portfolio avoiding stock picking all we need are low cost index funds covering different asset classes, geographies and factors to have all the control we need.

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None of my requests this week, very sad! No worries :wink:

Welcome to my world. Every week I quietly ask for S4 Capital and every week they let me down :sob:

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[MAERSK-B] Maersk (A.P. Møller - Mærsk)

Shipping company


To give a specific example I would really like:

iShares Edge MSCI World Value Factor UCITS ETF

Although ideally a range of ETFs to allow everyone to pick their preferred factor exposure would be preferable.

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Please add
:Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:SPAQ)

Can you add an AIM stock
CNR.L Condor Gold

With gold getting more of a profile for investment in recent times I would like to see more Junior Gold Miners and Developers on Freetrade.

I have this stock with other brokers but would like them in my Freetrade ISA

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Hydrogenics. Another exciting company in the hydrogen fuel cell world.


Please can we get Fisker when it IPO’s?

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Arc Minerals ARCM please :blush:

Before you assume things you should read the full thread , I wrote disappointment of the shares being delayed for a day from Thursday to Friday. And if you read the thread you will see I have recommended plenty of shares which have been added.

Can I request IAC/InterActiveCorp ticker IAC

Healthpeak Properties [PEAK]
Novartis [NVS]


hey EquityInvestor, and everyone interested, take a look at these:

And some other options for more diversified exposure in REITS, commercial & residential, BDC (Business Development Company) that fund small scale entrepreneurs in various fields, and some MREITs thrown in for good measure:


Sorry for the spam - I should have got the details ready before raising my initial (vague) request in this thread). I’ve located / created the relevant suggestion threads for each.

Requesting these 4 iShares factor index ETFs be added.

iShares MSCI World Value Factor - IWVL

iShares MSCI World Quality Factor - IWFQ (note: the GBP ETF is preferable for FX)

iShares MSCI World Quality Dividend - WQDS

iShares MSCI World Minimum Volatility - MVOL


Gdxj please