MEGATHREAD: What stocks should we add next week? 📲💥

We love them all equally, like they’re our children.


Hmm… It’s kind of an anticlimax :expressionless:

It might be worthwhile adding S4 Capital #SFOR to your share list which are available to trade on this platform.

S4 Capital is becoming the Digital Advertising Titan lead by the one and only Sir Martin Sorrell. Four month ago it was valued at 500mill now standing at 1.5Bil!


Leaving aside the crushing disappointment, this delay is going to play hell with my body clock for the rest of the week.

Any spoilers for tomorrow Sam even a little hint?

A spoiler would help with the disappointment

KNOP is already on the app, added 2 weeks ago.

One for Next week. A non resource sector. Evercore EVR

ROE : 30%

Dividend 4%

PE 8.9%

Past annual growth rate for last 5 years 36%

Debt to equity 38%


I’ve been requesting S4 for months, and twice on this thread alone. Good to know there is another fan :+1:

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Before close today ? Excited to see whats in store

Video game ETF!

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Yes, for sure, working on it right now! Won’t be long.


Small delay, I assume?

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Here they are! :helicopter:


oops… no ETFs

We weren’t able to add any this week for technical reasons, but we’ll be adding lots more again shortly.

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Hi @Viktor, @Freetrade_Team and team.

Thank you for adding some of my requests this week, it’s the second time My requests have been added and I’m very grateful.

Next week could we get:

  1. Begbies Traynor (£BEG)?

Apologies if already mentioned, but what about:

Aimmune (NASDAQ: AIMT)

Cellnex Telecom (CLNX.MC) listed in Spain

Great to see you have added GAN.

VWRP please

Avation and any other AIrcraft Leasing companies

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